Sam Coates of The Times tweeted an interesting passage from the Lib Dems’ newly published accounts this afternoon.

The full document is available at the Electoral Commission website.

Here’s a screengrab of what the Lib Dems’ auditor has to say about that party’s solvency:

Lib Dem Accounts

It is hardly the most glowing, optimistic endorsement of their finances. When you start having to defend your performance on the basis of “unpredictable” donations, you evidently have some criticism to defend against. I wonder to what degree Lib Dem members share the confidence of the Finance and Administration Committee that enough cash will come in to keep their party afloat?

Policy and personality are hugely important components of political success – but as I’ve noted before, without the funds to put those assets to good use even the most imaginative, inspirational figure would sink without a trace. While Labour owes millions, and the Lib Dems are forced to “take steps” to be able to meet their financial obligations, the Conservatives have cleared their debts ahead of 2015.