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This is Labour’s new campaign poster. Leaving aside the gibberish of “Hardworking Britain Better Off”, which is impressively even worse than “A Future Fair For All”, readers will spot a glaring problem.

I’m no fan of the VAT increase, but if the Opposition are going to criticise it then they should probably know which items VAT applies to. Here’s a run-down of the different items in the ad:

Peas: No VAT

Choc-chip biscuits: No VAT

Carrots: No VAT

Grapes: No VAT

Apples: No VAT

Onions: No VAT

Peppers: No VAT

Sweetcorn: No VAT

Cabbage: No VAT

Mushrooms: No VAT

Canned food: No VAT

Pickled goods: No VAT

Ketchup: No VAT

Beer: Standard rate VAT (but the Coalition has cut Beer Duty)

Fizzy drinks: Standard rate VAT

Cleaning products: Standard rate VAT

As one Twitter user pointed out, a more accurate poster would read: “The Coalition put £6,250 on the price of a Ferrari, and nothing on the price of vegetables.”

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