As far as I’m aware, no businesses have signed up to support Labour’s “Compulsory Jobs Guarantee”. It’s worth considering why.

What has been the story so far of Ed Miliband’s relationship with business? He has labeled chunks of the British economy “predators”, thrown whole industries into uncertainty, attacked deregulation and sneered about tax cuts. Even the act of giving people free coffee has been portrayed as a bad thing.

According to Sir George Cox, perhaps the most senior Labour business figure, they risk making Britain “a fair country because we have all got sod all.”

On workfare and back to work schemes Labour have been particularly vicious – attacking firms which have got involved in Government programmes by giving work experience to the unemployed, giving a platform to absurd claims of “slavery” and indulging just about every frothing hard left complaint going. They’ve made no attempt to distance themselves from campaigns like Boycott Workfare who picket Poundland and other shops taking part in workfare.

Given that the businesses have been demonised in such a range of ways, it’s no surprise that none of them are willing to sign up to be a new punchbag.

Miliband may well think their failure to be involved in his proposal is an abdication of social responsibility – he should consider who has created an environment in which businesses feel it is safer and more sensible to keep to their own affairs.