The above image comes from de Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper.

Under the headline “No man’s hand” (a pleasing, rare example of a pun which crosses language barriers), they present a cringeworthy gallery of snaps of François Hollande being snubbed by a variety of world leaders. As an aside, it’s worth noting the hint of Dutch euroscepticism in the bottom left – the only person whose hand Hollande is shown ignoring belongs to José Manuel Barroso.

This is the latest symptom of Hollande’s meteoric descent from icon of European socialism to all-round economic disaster zone. His experiment with what Ed Balls would call Plan B has been a national catastrophe, with rising unemployment and all the indices warning of a return to recession.

With the furthest, fastest approval rating fall in French presidential history, how low can he go?


Reader WelshRacer has pointed out in the comments that the answer to “how low can he go?” is “This low:”

Hollande Miliband