Ed Miliband’s former PPS, John Denham, is speaking at the RSA today on Higher Education funding. Apparently, he will say:

“I don’t know of any progressive principle [in] which it is a good idea to induce people, generally from lower income backgrounds, to take on huge loans, demand big payments and then to tell them they don’t have to pay after all. It’s not how progressive parents bring up their children and the state shouldn’t do do it either.”

Hmm – take on huge loans? Then say the debts don’t have to be paid off? That rings a bell – oh yes, it’s Labour’s fiscal policy.

Will John Denham ever explain why he thinks it’s unacceptable to “induce” people to take on debt but it’s ok for the Government to run up that debt for them, without asking? And no, “Ed Balls says so” isn’t an acceptable answer.