Len McCluskey’s influence seems to grow by the day. Here’s an extract of a letter he wrote to the Guardian in 2011:

“It is…crucial that the culture at HMRC changes so that it clamps down on tax avoidance”

He must therefore be delighted at the news that HMRC have done exactly as he asked – today we learn that the taxman has identified a major organisation as having calculated its VAT in a “grossly unfair and unreasonable” way, and they are chasing the culprits for £2.3m in extra tax.

Who are these dastardly shysters, squeezing through loopholes and trying to limbo-dance beneath the letter of the law? Surely Len McCluskey wants to know, so he can lambast them in the press and picket their headquarters?

Let’s help him out: the name of the organisation is, err, Unite the Union.

I suppose it makes for a shorter journey if Len has to go and protest outside his own office.

The Left have form for this kind of blazing hypocrisy. Amazingly, given his robust attacks on tax avoidance – something he once called “the scandal of our age” – McCluskey’s cash-rich, principles-poor outfit is now disputing HMRC’s calculations. Apparently some “clamp downs on tax avoidance” aren’t so “crucial” after all.