Banks are not notoriously left-wing institutions, at least in popular mythology (despite their modern status as large bureaucracies paying huge rewards for failure and requiring vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to stay afloat).

And yet one, the newly relaunched Lloyds Bank, appears out to secure its lefty credentials.

Here is their new TV advert:

As you can see, it features a 31-year-old guy, who lives with his parents, laying out the reasons he wants a place of his own. And what’s that on the list of things to moan about? Oh yes:

“Gran’s right-wing politics”

Naturally, it’s Gran, because no-one other than the elderly is right-wing, right? And don’t forget to illustrate it with a little jigsaw of the UK all alone, just in case viewers weren’t sure that “right-wing” means “Little Englander”.

Is this really acceptable? Political advertising is supposedly illegal in this country, Lloyds Banking Group is still more than 30 per cent taxpayer-owned, and this is a company trying to recover by attracting new customers. Instead, they advertise with politicised snark and insult a potential customer base.

I’ve asked the cutely named @AskLloydsBank Twitter account twice what their justification is for this – and answer came there none. Apparently Lloyds doesn’t want the business of anyone with “right wing politics”. I’m sure some of their competitors will be more open-minded.

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