Ed Miliband once declared that:

“The new generation of Labour is different. Different attitudes, different ideas, different ways of doing politics.”

And yet there are many elements of Back to the Future about the Labour Party under his leadership. The unions are back in the driving seat. Ed Balls is touting the spend, spend, spend philosophy of a decade ago as if nothing has changed. Now it seems they’re looking backwards to pick their personnel, too.

We can reveal that Labour have so far selected no fewer than 11 ex-MPs as 2015 candidates for the very same seats whose voters rejected them in 2010. Their number includes Tom Watson’s great pal Joan Ryan, and Gordon Brown’s former PPS Anne Snelgrove.

Evidently Ed’s “new generation” shtick only goes so far, which is perhaps why he has quietly dropped it.

Here’s the list in full, with their respective constituencies:

  • Patrick Hall, Bedford
  • Sally Keeble, Northampton North
  • David Drew, Stroud
  • Bob Blizzard, Waveney
  • Paul Clark, Gillingham and Rainham
  • Anne Snelgrove, Swindon South
  • Andrew Dismore, Hendon
  • Rob Marris, Wolverhampton South West
  • Mike O’Brien, North Warwickshire
  • Nick Palmer, Broxtowe
  • Joan Ryan, Enfield North

Many parliamentary candidates find it hard mustering the cash to fund their campaigns – I imagine this particular cohort won’t have so much trouble, given the estimated £553,689.30 they received between them as taxpayer-funded Resettlement Grants when they left the Commons.

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