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COMMONS-sitting As reported last week, this Parliament has seen more rebellions than during the Major years, and in fact, the 2010 intake has been the most rebellious since at least 1945. The last Parliamentary year has seen Conservative rebellions on issues such as European bailouts, recognising marriage in the tax system, or on law and order matters.

An interesting new post by Philip Cowley and Mark Stuart of the Centre for British Politics at the University of Nottingham's NottsPolitics blog shows just ten Conservative MPs from the 2010 intake are responsible for nearly a quarter of all rebellious votes by Conservative MPs. 

Their findings also show:

  • Tory newcomers have accounted for 31% of rebellious votes cast by all Conservative MPs
  • More 2010 intake Conservative MPs have rebelled (46), compared to Labour MPs (21) or the Lib Dems (7)
  • 31% of new Tory MPs have now rebelled
  • New Conservative rebels have cast 249 rebellious votes

The top ten most rebellious Conservatives are (with the number of rebellions also listed):

  • David Nuttall: 54
  • Andrew Percy: 23
  • Mark Reckless: 21
  • Zac Goldsmith: 17
  • Richard Drax: 12
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg: 11
  • Gordon Henderson: 10
  • Jason McCartney: 10
  • Martin Vickers: 10
  • Steve Baker: 9

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