By Paul Goodman

Alan Johnson in the Daily Telegraph today on the 50p tax rate (Unready Eddie thinks it should be permanent, Johnson doesn't) –

“We all come into this position having said what we said in a debate that has been going on since May. There will be differences of opinion that you can magnify over and over….There is no edict from the centre that says you now have to disbelieve everything you believed in… Ed is the leader, and I will support him. But we’ve not really got into our policy process yet.”

Alan Johnson on a graduate tax (Unready Eddie supports one, Johnson doesn't).

Well, I don’t think it could [work]. Frankly, there’s a difference of view.”

When John Smith, Shadow Chancellor, fell out with Neil Kinnock, Labour leader, it was during an election campaign, after a Parliament had ended.  This falling-out is taking place when one has scarcely begun.

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