by Paul Goodman

Ed Miliband won't have wanted to distract media attention from Vince Cable yesterday.  So he stuck to saying that the Business Secretary should have been sacked because his remarks about Rupert Murdoch and the BSkyB decision were in breach of the Ministerial code.  It was a cautious but sensible approach to take.  In such circumstances, the Opposition does best to stay clear of the action.

Someone else who's staying well clear is David Miliband.  Ed Miliband seemed to be expecting yesterday that they'd share Christmas lunch together with their families.  David Miliband, however, has braved icy roads and chaotic airports to fly to America.  "Storms are waiting for us in southern California," he twittered on Tuesday.
Clearly one brother hasn't a clue what the other's doing, and fraternal relations are yet to be restored.




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