Picture 16 Labour leadership contenders are currently submitting themselves to interviews with the Left Foot Forward blog and today is the turn of Diane Abbott, who takes a sideswipa t one of her rivals in the contest:

Asked whether she thinks the Labour government was partly to blame for the financial crash, she replies:

"The recession was a global problem, not something caused by the Labour Party. But it was aggravated in Britain by the “light touch” regulation championed by Ed Balls when he was at the Treasury."

Also in the interview she

  • says that the current level of public spending as a proportion of GDP is '"about right";
  • professes support for AV although admits that "there was not much demand for PR on the doorstep in Hackney";
  • backs the call for 50% of the Cabinet to be women.

Read it all at Left Foot Forward.

Jonathan Isaby

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