Bob Crow As if evidence were needed that RMT general secretary Bob Crow remains the voice of extreme militant trade unionism, this morning's Daily Telegraph reports what he will tell his union's annual conference today.

Accusing the Government of "fiscal fascism" over the cuts it is introducing, Crow is effectively calling for civil disobedience and strike action on a masive scale: 

“This ConDem administration has thrown down the biggest challenge to the trade union movement since Margaret Thatcher took on the National Union of Mineworkers. I have no hesitation in saying that it will take general and coordinated strike action across the public and private sectors to stop their savage assault on jobs, living standards and public services.

“The Trade Unions must form alliances with community groups, campaigns and pensioners organisations in the biggest show of united resistance since the success of the anti-poll tax movement. Waving banners and placards will not be enough – it will take direct action to stop the Cameron and Clegg cuts machine.

“We have a right wing Tory Government propped up by a Liberal Party that has binned every commitment that it gave to voters in the run up to the election in order to grab power. That’s why we say this administration has no mandate for its cuts and that’s why we argue that bulldozing through their austerity measures amounts to fiscal fascism.

“RMT says don’t fear them, fight them. Our Trade Union has a slogan, ‘never on our knees,’ and from Aberdeen we want those words to ring out on the millionaires row of Clegg and Cameron. They started this fight with the working class and we are up for it.”

Jonathan Isaby