Alex Salmond square Earlier in the campaign, SNP First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, released this video trying to make political capital out of the MPs' expenses scandal.

However, yesterday came confirmation from Salmond – who has just stepped down from Westminster to concentrate on his duties at Holyrood – that he is taking the £65,000 redundancy pay-off for departing MPs.

Shadow Scotland Secretary David Mundell has condemned him in robust terms:

“His £65,000 "Golden Goodbye" is not automatic. Commons rules say he has to apply for it. It is a tax free redundancy payment for MPs leaving politics. Alex Salmond, as he admits, is not leaving politics. He will carry on getting more than £100,000 salary from the taxpayer, as well as a Westminster pension.

“He is taking the taxpayer for a ride by taking this extra cash – under false pretences. As ever with him it’s all about Alex, not about what’s right or fair.

 Alex Salmond has misread the public mood. He is not taking this British General Election seriously.”

Jonathan Isaby

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