Topsy turvy Lib Dem logo Nick Clegg claimed a couple of days ago that the general election is not a two-horse race.

As the BBC reports, he said:

"This isn't the old politics of a two-horse race between Labour and the Conservative Party."

For anyone familiar with Liberal Democrat election literature in their target seats, this claim from their leader will come as something of a surprise.

Take, for example, the below leaflet the party has been distributing in Sheffield Hallam, where the Lib Dem candidate is "local campaigner" and incumbent MP, er, Nick Clegg:

Picture 16
Forgetting the disingenuously skewed graph for a moment, if it's a two-horse race in Sheffield Hallam on account of the Labour Party starting in a distant third place on 19%, then what difference is there with the national battle at this election – where the Liberal Democrats start a distant third with a similar percentage of the vote and fewer than 10% of the seats?

People of Britain: it's a two-horse race here – only the Conservatives can beat to win this general election and form a government. Voting Lib Dem only helps the Labour Party remain in office.

Jonathan Isaby