Picture 4 We have already covered this morning the assertion from Transport Secretary Lord Adonis that Labour and the Lib Dems are natural allies.

And it would seem that there are even more senior members of the Cabinet who are urging tactical voting against the Conservatives – in other words suggesting that Labour-inclinced voters should back the Lib Dem in constituencies where they are better placed than Labour to win.

Lord Mandelson told this morning's Western Morning News that the Lib Dems "have more in common with Labour than with any other party".

And in an interview with, the Prime Minister himself went even further in his interpretation of the Business Secretary's remarks:

"I think what he is saying is if you don't want a Conservative government make sure you don't get one… If people don't want a Conservative government then they must make sure they don't allow the Conservatives in."

It would seem the relationship between Labour and the Lib Dems is getting cosier by the day. And that means that it is clearer than ever that to be sure of removing Gordon Brown from power, the only option open to voters is to vote Conservative. I daresay Conservative candidates standing against Lib Dem MPs will be grateful that senior Labour figures are saying as much.

Jonathan Isaby