Nick Clegg confrence speech Iain Martin over at the Wall Street Journal has posted what he says are the demands that Nick Clegg would make in terms of Cabinet posts for Lib Dems in the event of a coalition with the Conservatives.

The Lib Dem leader would apparently want to be Home Secretary himself, and bring across Paddy Ashdown as Defence Secretary. Meanwhile, he would demand that Ken Clarke replace George Osborne as Chancellor, with Vince Cable presumably relegated to be his number two, or perhaps Business Secretary.

This is, of course, all the stuff of complete fantasy.

If there were to be a hung Parliament, I remain of the view that the Lib Dems would not enter into a formal coalition with the Conservatives and sit in a government led by David Cameron.

Why? Firstly, I don't believe for a moment that David Cameron would grant them the voting system they demand for Westminster – one of the four demands Clegg outlined in an interview last weekend.

But even more crucially, I simply don't believe that the Lib Dem activist base would back a formal deal with the Conservatives. They are just too hostile to the Conservative Party, as demonstrated by the fact that the loudest applause during Nick Clegg's speech to his party's spring conference last weekend was for the Tory attack lines.

Jonathan Isaby