15569837 Today's Sun accuses Labour of dithering and incompetence over the killer of Jamie Bulger, Jon Venables.

Today's front page of the newspaper accuses the government of betraying Jamie Bulger's mum.

In its Sun Says column it writes:

"When Jon Venables was let out of jail just eight years after he murdered two-year-old James Bulger we were all assured he had been rehabilitated. Those who said he should serve longer for his part in the killing were brushed aside and accused of being harsh and cruel. Now Venables is back in jail after allegations that he was storing vile child pornography on his computer. Yet we were told when he and his partner in the killing, Robert Thompson, were freed in 2001 that they would be constantly monitored. And that millions of pounds had been spent creating a new life for them, to make sure they were safe to be released onto our streets.

Now the Government is clearly in a panic over the latest allegations that have put Venables back behind bars. Instead ministers have dithered. They have contradicted each other. They have threatened the media. The Government's behaviour clearly has nothing to do with protecting Venables. It is an attempt to cover up the incompetence of Britain's political and legal establishments. But instead it merely serves to undermine public confidence in both." It would just have taken a brief statement spelling out the reasons for his arrest to stop the story turning into a drawn-out drama – without endangering his new identity or prejudicing any new trial.

In the Commons yesterday, Shadow Justice Secretary Dominic Grieve worried that Labour was responding to the "ebb and flow" of "media speculation" in its handling of the episode. Read Mr Grieve's full statement.

Tim Montgomerie

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