Picture 22 The Daily Express splashes today on a story which almost beggars belief:

"Labour dismissed the British public’s widespread opposition to mass immigration as “racism”, a Government document revealed yesterday. Officials made it clear that public opinion was strongly against relaxing border controls.

"But ministers were urged to ignore voters’ “racist” views and press ahead with a secret policy to encourage migrants to flood into Britain. Whitehall experts even proposed a major propaganda campaign to soften up voters in preparation for the mass influx of newcomers. The details were laid bare in the original draft of a policy document released for the first time under the Freedom of Information Act."

Chris Grayling 2010 square Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has branded the Government a "complete disgrace" over the matter:

"The Government has simply not been telling the truth about its policies on immigration. More and more evidence is now emerging to show that they deliberately planned a big jump in immigration for their own political purposes."

“Now they are trying to rewrite history to pretend those decisions never happened. Their conduct over all of this has been a complete disgrace.”

Jonathan Isaby