The Chancellor, Alistair Darling, made an extraordinary attack last night on Gordon Gordon Brown's spin machine.

Speaking to Jeff Randall on Sky News, he said that after predicting the extent of the recession in an interview in the summer of 2008, "the forces of hell were unleashed" upon him, in reference to the Prime Minister's aides.

Referring to Damian McBride and Charlie Whelan, the Chancellor pointed out later in the interview that "I’m still here and at least one of them is not".

Watch this clip:

Iain Dale has a transcript of the offending passages and the Tory response to all this came via a CCHQ spokesman:

“The idea that Gordon Brown runs a happy and united team has been blown apart tonight. This is amazing public confirmation from the Prime Minister’s own Chancellor that he ordered his henchmen to brief against him.”

I would expect David Cameron to use a line relating to this against Brown at PMQs today rather than mentioning anything about bullying. 

Jonathan Isaby