That reprehensible sentence is unworthy of Jackie Ashley but she writes it in today's Guardian.

"Dear Ms Ashley,

Five things:

1. I am open to the possibility that the climate is changing and it is man-made.

2. We should improve energy efficiency and diversify energy supplies but I do not believe that we should turn the UK economy upside down in order to reduce our carbon footprint when I think it highly likely that small changes made here will be overwhelmed by what happens in India, for example (where 30% of people have no electricity), and China.

3. If we want to improve the welfare of the world's poorest we are better focusing on giving them clean water; fighting malaria, HIV/AIDS; and, in particular, lifting trade barriers.

4. A richer world is much more likely to cope with extreme weather events.

5. I have never supported apartheid and resent what you wrote this morning.

Tim Montgomerie"

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