That reprehensible sentence is unworthy of Jackie Ashley but she writes it in today's Guardian.

"Dear Ms Ashley,

Five things:

1. I am open to the possibility that the climate is changing and it is man-made.

2. We should improve energy efficiency and diversify energy
supplies but I do not believe that we should turn the UK economy upside
down in order to reduce our carbon footprint when I think it highly
likely that small changes made here will be overwhelmed by what happens
in India, for example (where 30% of people have no electricity), and

3. If we want to improve the welfare of the world's poorest we are better focusing on giving them clean water; fighting malaria, HIV/AIDS; and, in particular, lifting trade barriers.

4. A richer world is much more likely to cope with extreme weather events than one shackled by immature energy technologies.

5. I have never supported apartheid and resent what you wrote this morning. Perhaps the nasty nature of your attack suggests you may be worried about losing the intellectual argument?

Tim Montgomerie"

68 comments for: “The Tory party’s intellectuals are clambering on the “global warming isn’t caused by mankind” bandwagon with as much enthusiasm as they used to oppose the Maastricht treaty or speak up for apartheid South Africa.”

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