LibDemDead Last week we highlighted the activities of Greg Stone, the Lib Dem candidate for Newcastle-upon-Tyne East.

He had been using a pseudonym to post extremely personal attacks on Conservative and Labour MPs
on the Guido Fawkes blog and his suitability to remain as a parliamentary candidate was raised by his Conservative opponent, Dominic Llewellyn.

Yesterday, Stone finally realised that his position was untenable and resigned. As Dominic reported on his blog last night:

"Greg Stone was forced to resign today as the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Newcastle East after the offensive comments he made.
His behaviour is exactly why people are turned off by politics and that
is why he had to go. There should be no place in politics for the types
of comment which he made. Whilst it was the right decision it was also
disappointing that the Lib Dems did not act sooner; they should have
acted immediately yet they only acted when articles like this
were published. It was also disappointing that a large number of his
colleagues when asked refused to condemn his comments, including the
Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidates in Newcastle Central and Newcastle

"The question now for the Lib Dems is can and should Greg Stone remain
as a City Councillor for North Heaton? It will be interesting to see
whether he is on the ballot paper at the time of Newcastle City
Council elections on 6th May which is the day which many predict will
be when the General Election is fought. Surely if Greg Stone isn't fit
to be a Parliamentary Candidate, then he isn't fit to be a City Councillor?"

Jonathan Isaby

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