David Miliband Today's Mail on Sunday notes that "avowed atheist" Foreign Secretary David Miliband has shunned a primary school just 80 yards from his front door in order to send his son to a Church of England school two miles away:

"Mr Miliband’s wife, Louise, started attending a church attached to the school two years before their five-year-old son gained his place. The school is nearly two miles from the couple’s home, but its grades and Ofsted reports are only marginally better than a primary school just 80 yards from their front door.

"The Milibands’ adopted son won a place at the school despite his father’s public assertion that he does not believe in God. It is understood that Mrs Miliband was brought up a Lutheran in the United States. However, the couple are following a growing trend among the middle classes to choose faith schools over other local primaries."

Jonathan Isaby

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