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9.30pm Daniel Hannan MEP has blogged:

"Greece is in denial. It rejects austerity, but insists on keeping the euro. All the main parties duly parroted what the voters wanted to hear, making for a fantasy election, a make-believe election, a fingers-in-my-ears-I-can't-hear-you election. The only list which was honest about the necessary cuts – a coalition of three liberal parties – failed to gain a single seat."



8.30pm New Democracy leader Samaras:

"Today the Greek people expressed their will to stay anchored with the Euro, remain an integral part of the Euro Zone, honor the country's commitments and foster growth. This is a victory for all Europe. I call upon all political parties that share those objectives to join forces and form a stable new government. I will make sure that the sacrifices of the Greek people will bring the country back to prosperity."


7.30pm The Spectator's James Forsyth introduces the "Syriza Tories" – Tories hoping the far-left party wins the election.


7.10pm In other European election news, French President Hollande now has a parliamentary majority.

7pm The BBC has a good background Q&A explaining what a win for Syriza means in real teams:

"If anti-austerity parties manage to form a cabinet led by Syriza, the new government may refuse to honour the cost-cutting measures its predecessor agreed with Brussels. Greece could find itself out of the eurozone and reintroducing the drachma. Analysts predict a dramatic devaluation of the new currency, accompanied by rapid inflation and business failures. However, some think this would give Greece the chance to rebuild its economy from a position of greater competitiveness."


6.45pm As the Greek election results begin to come in – election results which may decide the fate of the €uro – we'll have a rolling blog/open thread on the night's results and reaction to them, starting with Douglas Carswell MP, who says…

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