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Canada's voters have two choices at the general election scheduled for 2nd May…

  1. The opposition Liberals, led by Michael Ignatieff, want voters to believe that it's a choice between continuing minority Conservative government – held in check by them and the other leftist opposition parties – and a majority Conservative government that would, among other dastardly things, enact a traditionalist social agenda.
  2. The Conservatives want voters to believe that the real choice is between a majority Conservative and a minority Liberal government (which would be tugged leftwards by the tax'n'spend NDP and by the separatist Bloc Quebecois).
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The latest polls (click on graphic above to enlarge it or here to see original) suggest that the Conservative position is strengthening a little but there's still a month of campaigning to go. What will encourage Mr Harper, however, is that his strongest issue – the economy – is increasing in resonance. He insists, meanwhile, that his priorities wouldn't change if he wins a majority and rejects Liberal Party claims that he would restrict abortion rights.

The two videos below give a taste of the campaign that the Canadian conservatives are running.

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