RepublicanplatformIt does not bind their presidential nominee but 112 delegates of the US Republican Party have published their 20,000 word 2008 Platform.  A PDF is here.  Its main focus is the war on terror but the most newsworthy elements are noted below:

  • The Platform includes a number of differences with John McCain, notably opposition to the use of embryonic stem cells for medical research (something McCain supports).
  • The Platform also opposes exceptions that would allow abortion in the case of rape, incest or in circumstances where a mother’s life is in danger. McCain supports all three exceptions.
  • Michelle Malkin notes how the Platform takes a much tougher line on immigration than McCain or Bush.
  • Gay groups complain that the Platform betrays the GOP’s opposition to homosexual rights.
  • The New Republic notes that "for the first time ever, the Republican Party platform has included a plank explicitly recognizing that man-made carbon emissions might be contributing to climate change and negative environmental impacts."

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