Reflecting on David Cameron’s leadership of the UK Conservative Party, Fred Barnes authors a cover piece for The Weekly Standard on what the GOP might learn from it.

Here are the eight main lessons he draws:

  1. It takes time… to rebuild voters’ trust
  2. ‘It’s not about ideology. It’s about you.’ Personalities as well as policies needed reforming.
  3. ‘Broader ground.’  Social justice and green issues have been added to the Tory pitch.
  4. Don’t ignore elites. The BBC and progressives have been cultivated.
  5. Co-opt liberal ends and capture liberal jargon.  The Tories have colonised the left-wing term of social justice with centre right ideas.
  6. Social psychology. Nudging etc.
  7. You need a leader. After November, if McCain loses, the Republicans will lack an obvious leader.
  8. Forget slogans.

Click here to read the full essay.

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