Did Rayner boast of her ‘Sharon Stone trick’… and then deny that she’d done so?

“A Conservative Party inquiry into the ‘Basic Instinct’ furore over Angela Rayner has concluded that the Labour Deputy Leader was herself the source of the story. The report in last week’s Mail on Sunday triggered a storm at Westminster, after Ms Rayner claimed that ‘Boris Johnson’s cheerleaders have resorted to spreading desperate, perverted smears in their doomed attempts to save his skin’. The uproar forced the Prime Minister to release a statement condemning the ‘misogyny’ which had been ‘anonymously directed’ at Ms Rayner, and to order his whips to try to identify the Tory MP quoted in the article.” – Mail on Sunday

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  • This was no battle at all, just an excuse for endless showboating – Camilla Long, Sunday Times

Parish resigns over Commons porn scandal

“Neil Parish has resigned as an MP after admitting he watched pornography twice in the House of Commons. The Conservative MP For Tiverton and Honiton said he first visited the website accidentally after looking at tractors online, but then returned to it for a second time deliberately in a “moment of madness”. The 65-year-old select committee chairman was suspended by the Conservative Party on Friday after two female colleagues reported seeing him looking at the explicit content on his mobile phone in the Commons chamber and at a select committee hearing.” – Sunday Telegraph

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Sex pest MPs named in dossier of shame drawn up by fed-up Commons staff

“Sex pest MPs have been named in a dossier of shame drawn up by fed-up Commons staff. Women aides who have been the target of inappropriate advances have circulated a list to forewarn colleagues. They have identified at least 25 serial offenders and alerted other officials to be on their guard and avoid being alone with them. Details of the list emerged following revelations that three Cabinet ministers and two members of the shadow cabinet have been reported to the Parliamentary watchdog set up to probe complaints and grievances. Staff have since been sharing their experiences on a WhatsApp group which have been described as “shocking and depressing.”” – Sun on Sunday

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  • I believe there has never been a better time to be a woman in politics – Linda McDougall, Mail on Sunday
  • Harassment in Westminster isn’t about sex, it’s about power – Charlotte Ivers, Sunday Times

Dowden accuses Starmer of forging a secret election pact with the Liberal Democrats

“Labour was last night accused of stitching up Boris Johnson by forging a secret pact with the Liberal Democrats to sway this week’s local election results. Tory chairman Oliver Dowden claimed Sir Keir Starmer was standing down candidates ‘in swathes of the country’ where Lib Dem support is strong to avoid splitting the anti-Tory vote. And he alleges Sir Ed Davey’s party has returned the favour where Labour is dominant elsewhere. In a letter to the Labour leader, which has been seen by The Mail on Sunday, Mr Dowden claimed that Sir Keir planned to ‘deny the voters a proper democratic choice’ on Thursday.” – Mail on Sunday

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  • Prime Minister urges Brits to forget about Partygate and think about potholes – Sun on Sunday
  • Porn shame adds to Tory woes in south-west as party fears poll blow – The Observer
  • Poll shows more than half of voters would pick Starmer over Johnson – Mail on Sunday

Hunt is ready to launch his Tory leadership bid’ if Boris Johnson is ousted, allies reveal

“Former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is ready to launch a Tory leadership bid if Boris Johnson is ousted, his allies have revealed. Mr Hunt – who came second to Mr Johnson in the 2019 contest – is lining up supporters and sounding out potential Cabinet Ministers in anticipation of the Prime Minister losing a confidence vote in the wake of Thursday’s local elections. The prospect has been greeted with dismay by Cabinet allies of Mr Johnson, one of whom last night described Mr Hunt as ‘Theresa May without the personality’.” – Mail on Sunday

Lord Ashcroft: Three reasons why the Prime Minister can survive the public’s anger at Partygate

“Notably, in our groups it was often such first-time Tories who were angriest with Johnson. Having had the highest hopes for him, they were the most disappointed. They had regarded him as a maverick but not as a liar or lawbreaker. This episode showed him to be part of an elite that looked down on them, not – as they’d felt in 2019 – on their side against the Brexit-blocking establishment… No wonder that so many believe Johnson is doomed, or that the Tories’ chances at the next election depend on his departure. But from my research, I see three reasons why Boris and his party have a path to survival.” – Mail on Sunday

  • The red wall? Johnson should worry more about Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells – Nick Cohen, The Observer

Johnson targeted by cyber soldiers as part of Kremlin’s disinformation campaign

“Boris Johnson is being targeted by cyber soldiers as part of a large-scale Kremlin disinformation campaign, it has emerged. A Russian troll factory plaguing social media with lies has been exposed with the possibility operatives could be delivering the propaganda from Britain. Masterminds are working out of an old factory in St Petersburg in a bid to manipulate public opinion of the illegitimate war in Ukraine, expert research shows. Their supporters target senior UK ministers spamming them with pro-Putin and pro-war messages in the comment sections of social media platforms.” – Sun on Sunday

>Today: ToryDiary: Western leaders should leave Ukraine’s war aims to the Ukrainians

Kwarteng urges the UK’s oil and gas giants to reinvest their profits to help ease the cost of living crisis

“The Business Secretary has ordered the country’s oil and gas giants to reinvest their profits to boost the UK’s energy supply and help to ease the cost of living crisis. Kwasi Kwarteng has written to energy companies asking them to set out a clear plan on how they will use their huge windfalls to fire up domestic production. It comes amid continuing sky-high profits being made by the energy firms on the back of surging global energy prices. Last week Chancellor Rishi Sunak opened the door to a windfall tax on oil and gas companies. He had previously dismissed the idea saying he did not want to stem investment by those companies in new oil and gas extraction.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Insurance firms poised to pour billions into energy security following post-Brexit overhaul – Sunday Telegraph


Top mandarin backs Rees-Mogg’s plans to order Whitehall staff to get behind desks

“A top mandarin has backed plans issued by Jacob Rees-Mogg by ordering Whitehall staff to get behind their desks. Head civil servant Susan Acland-Hood has told workers they need to return to the office four days a week. She held an all-staff meeting telling colleagues in the Department for Education to bring to an end their work from home lifestyle. The orders come as the Cabinet Minister Rees-Mogg threatens to sell off empty government buildings that aren’t being filled. He even left notes on desks urging civil servants to rip-up their home-working plans… Staff there have been asked to work in the office 80 per cent of the time where they can but options for flexibility exist.” – Sun on Sunday

  • Slashing civil servants’ extra pay for working in London ‘could save taxpayers up to £250million’ – Mail on Sunday
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  • British farmers hold ‘bizarre’ views on free trade, says Australia’s envoy – FT

Minister flies to the British Virgin Islands for crisis talks

“A British Minister flew to the British Virgin Islands for crisis talks last night as calls grew for the UK to take direct control of the overseas territory after its premier was held on drugs trafficking charges. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Amanda Milling, the Minister for Overseas Territories, was travelling to the Caribbean for urgent talks with the Governor and other leaders. Premier Andrew Fahie, 51, was arrested on Thursday in Miami by US agents posing as members of a Mexican drug cartel… Fahie allegedly told a US informant that the UK had been trying to remove him from office for years.” – Mail on Sunday

Tech giants face crackdown to better protect smartphone users from hackers

“Tech  giants Amazon and Google face a crackdown to better protect smartphone users from hackers. Rules will be toughened up to help millions who download music and video games also on tablets and TVs to shield them from fraudsters. Culture Minister Julia Lopez will launch a review into the £18.6 billion market to beef up safeguarding of people’s personal data and cash from scammers. Major firms to be hit include Apple, Huawei, Microsoft and Samsung with consumers using their services to shop, bank and make video calls.” – Sun on Sunday