Truss threatens to go after Putin following chemical weapons claims

“Russia is feared to have unleashed chemical weapons on Mariupol after reports Ukrainians were targeted by a toxic agent dropped from a drone, as Liz Truss vowed to hold Putin to account over the potential attack. Unverified reports from the besieged southern port city’s Azov regiment said a ‘poisonous substance of unknown origin’ was released on Monday, causing breathing issues, ‘respiratory failure’ and ‘vestibulo-atactic syndrome’. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said her department is working with partners to verify the claims.” – Daily Mail

  • Mariupol mayor says more than 10,000 civilians killed – The Guardian


  • Top civil servant accuses Gove of bullying in row over Ukrainian refugees – The Sun
  • Corbyn will not regain Labour whip while endorsing Stop the War, suggests Starmer – The Guardian
  • Raab takes another holiday – The Sun


  • Ukraine has been a rare success for British foreign policy – FT

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Amess killer faces whole-life sentence for murder

“The Islamist who stabbed the MP Sir David Amess to death and considered attacking others including Michael Gove faces a whole-life sentence after being convicted of murder and preparing terrorist acts. Ali Harbi Ali, 26, who said he had no regrets or shame over the “cold and calculating” killing, refused to stand at the Old Bailey on “religious grounds” when he was found guilty yesterday. It took jurors 18 minutes to reach their verdicts after the judge told them Ali had no legal defence against the murder charge.” – The Times

  • Prevent is ‘failing’, say terror experts after murderer Ali deceived officials – Daily Telegraph

Sunak should publish tax returns in full, say senior Tories

“Rishi Sunak should publish his tax returns in full, senior Tories suggested as they called for greater transparency from ministers in charge of the nation’s finances. They said ministers in the Government’s economic and business departments should disclose their returns to show they were paying their fair share of tax. It came as Boris Johnson on Monday gave the green light to an investigation into the Chancellor’s financial interests, although its findings may not be published in full… Lord Geidt, the independent adviser, will look at whether Mr Sunak properly declared financial interests…” – Daily Telegraph

  • Chancellor ‘already cleared by government sleaze adviser’ – The Times
  • Tories fear row will hurt party at local elections – FT


  • Sunak ‘completely out of touch’ on everyday struggles, says Starmer – The Guardian
  • Quarter of voters turned off Torie by National Insurance hike – Daily Mail


Halfon calls for inquiry into NUS chiefs and trustees

“The National Union of Students has been reported by an MP to the Charity Commission over allegations of anti-Semitism. Tory MP Robert Halfon referred the student body to authorities alongside a dossier of incidents from recent years. He also called for a statutory inquiry into the NUS and its trustees. Mr Halfon, who is also chairman of the Commons education committee, has been a vocal critic of the organisation. He made the request jointly with the Campaign Against anti-Semitism  (CAA), a charity that seeks to fight hatred against British Jews.” – Daily Mail

No 10 condemns ‘guerrilla tactics’ as Just Stop Oil activists block fuel depots

“Downing Street has condemned the “guerrilla tactics” of protesters who have blockaded fuel distribution terminals, as reports of shortages at petrol station forecourts spread and figures showed a fall in fuel deliveries. Supporters of the Just Stop Oil campaign have taken action at 11 different fuel terminals in England since the start of the month, blockading and trespassing on sites to stop tankers entering, filling up or leaving to deliver fuel. Petrol retailers say that the protests are not having a serious impact on deliveries. But there have been dozens of local reports of petrol pumps running dry…” – The Guardian

  • Labour calls for national injunction on oil protesters – Daily Telegraph
  • Is your energy bill going to hit £5,000 a year? – Daily Mail
  • Labour warns SNP opposition to nuclear will lead to Scotland ‘paying the price’ – Daily Express

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: The oil blockades, like the Channel boats, are a high-profile example of loss of control

MP convicted of sexually assaulting boy, 15

“An MP is facing jail after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in his bedroom as the child lay terrified in bed. Imran Ahmad Khan, 48, who became the Conservative MP for Wakefield in 2019, goaded the teenager into drinking gin and tonic and dragged him upstairs at a party 14 years ago. The conviction could trigger a by-election in the “red wall” seat if Khan receives a prison sentence of more than 12 months… The Conservative Party expelled him “with immediate effect” last night, having already removed the whip from him when the accusations came to light.” – The Times

  • Labour demands Khan resign – FT
  • MP in sexual assault case had oddball reputation – The Guardian


  • When I worked for Khan, this is what I learned – Felix Mohaupt, Times Red Box

Resignations from parliamentary LGBT group as Blunt defends Khan

“Conservative ex-Justice Minister Crispin Blunt has been slammed by all sides of Westminster after he leapt to the defence of Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan and described his conviction for sexually assaulting a boy, 15, as an ‘international scandal’ and ‘dreadful miscarriage of justice’… He said the sexual assault conviction would have ‘dreadful wider implications for millions of LGBT+ Muslims around the world’ and claimed the prosecution’s argument relied on ‘lazy tropes about LGBT+ people’. He also called for the convicted sex offender to be reinstated to public service.” – Daily Mail

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