The Daily Mail publishes a four page audit of “lockdown’s lethal toll” on home deaths, treatment backlogs, organ transplants – and more

“A devastating picture of the impact of the lockdown on the nation’s health and wellbeing is today revealed in an exclusive analysis that brings together more than 130 studies. The Daily Mail audit – based on research published by medical journals, leading academics and charities – shows that the damage inflicted by the lockdown extends into every sphere of health, including cancer, heart disease, addiction, the welfare of children, domestic violence and mental illness. Experts say the analysis suggests that even after the pandemic ends, it will take years for the NHS to catch up with backlogs – and it will be too late for tens of thousands of patients.” – Daily Mail


Local Conservative MPs as well as Labour ones line up with Burnham over Manchester’s tier place

“Manchester MPs and city leaders urged Boris Johnson to introduce shielding for the elderly and vulnerable in the region instead of bringing in new lockdown restrictions. The Prime Minister is expected to announce on Tuesday that Greater Manchester will be placed into the highest tier of Covid measures, with or without the consent of its leaders. On Monday night, Robert Jenrick, the Communities Secretary, said local leaders have until noon on Tuesday to reach an agreement on restrictions or be forced to comply with a Tier 3 lockdown.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • Manchester handed noon deadline – FT
  • City must strike deal by midday – The Sun
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  • Ireland orders full lockdown – Daily Mail

Drakeford: Why I’m putting Wales into lockdown

“Coronavirus has well and truly woken up in Wales. In just six short weeks, we have left behind the long summer days when the virus was receding in our memories and we were able to lift many of the restrictions we had lived with throughout this year. In just six short weeks, we have moved from having very low levels of coronavirus in Wales to high levels of infections spreading rapidly in every part of our nation. The number of people admitted to hospital with coronavirus symptoms is rising daily and our critical care units are full. Sadly, every day, we are receiving reports of more people dying from coronavirus. We face a very serious situation. There is a very real risk our NHS could be overwhelmed and even more people will die.” – The Times

  • Wales to enter 16-day lockdown – FT

The Times picks up ConHome’s story from yesterday about new Government testing plans

“Rapid-result coronavirus tests are to undergo trials in hotspot areas from this week in a move that Downing Street says will prevent transmission in hospitals, care homes, schools and universities. Seven hospitals in England will start testing asymptomatic staff with one of two new tests in the coming days. Manchester, Basingstoke and Southampton will begin immediately using the new LAMP test, which gives a result within 90 minutes. The ConservativeHome website today quoted a government insider as saying: “We need to get to the point where, say, pubs and football clubs can deliver the lateral-flow tests themselves.” – The Times

New tests
  • One-hour test at Heathrow set to reopen travel – The Times
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Prince William

Hancock pictured breaking face mask rules

“Downing Street has been forced to remind ministers to wear face masks after the Health Secretary was caught travelling in a chauffeur-driven car without one. Matt Hancock, who has been a keen advocate of face coverings, was spotted without a mask while travelling in a ministerial car to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) on Monday. Number 10 has since reminded ministers that they must wear masks when travelling as passengers in cars, adding that masks were available in all ministerial cars.” – Daily Telegraph

Gove made a surprising claim about Brexit… and May’s reaction was ‘spectacular’

“When she was prime minister, Theresa May was rarely interesting to listen to – but she was always fascinating to watch. This was because she had such a spectacularly expressive face. Whenever she disagreed with what she was hearing, her face would contort itself into the most extraordinary winces and frowns and grimaces. Her features would writhe and twist and squirm, as if her underwear were made of steel wool, or swarming with red ants. This afternoon (Monday) in the Commons, we were treated to a special performance – and it was up there with her very best. Michael Gove had just finished making a statement about the looming possibility of a no-deal Brexit. Mrs May rose to ask him a question. She did not look impressed.” – Daily Telegraph

  • EU and UK begin to repair rift – FT
  • UK refuses to restart talks – The Guardian

French police raid Islamist groups

“French police have raided dozens of Islamist groups and suspected extremists amid growing pressure on the government to clamp down on religious fundamentalism three days after a teacher was beheaded outside his school. The interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, said on Monday that the swoops on Islamists – including individuals who expressed support for the attack – should send the message that “enemies of the republic cannot expect a minute’s respite” and more police operations would follow. Darmanin said about 80 investigations were under way into radical preachers and suspected extremists accused of spreading online hate, and authorities were urgently assessing about 50 associations in the Muslim community, “some of which will certainly be dissolved”. – The Guardian

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