Coronavirus 1) The lockdown lock. Brady plans Parliamentary vote on new Covid restrictions…

“Senior Tories are planning to stop Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposing limits on people’s freedoms without scrutiny by forcing Parliament to have the final say on new lockdown measures, The Telegraph can reveal. MPs vote next week on “the renewal of temporary provisions” of lockdown measures under the Coronavirus Act 2020 to reauthorise the Government’s use of the powers. Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee of backbench Conservative MPs, is planning to use this opportunity to amend this legislation to require ministers to put all new measures to a vote of MPs first. The move will effectively impose a “Parliamentary lock” on any future restrictions, amid widespread fury among senior MPs and peers that restrictions have been imposed on Britons without a vote.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • “Kill Whitey” joke puts BBC in last chance saloon – Sarah Vine, Mail on Sunday
  • Johnson wants an end to hospital lone births – Mail on Sunday
  • It’s crazy that six people can meet in a pub while mothers endure this lone births misery – Jeremy Hunt, Mail on Sunday

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Coronavirus 2) …as Johnson plans £10,000 fines for those told to self-isolate who won’t

“Boris Johnson is set to unveil £10,000 fines for Brits suffering from coronavirus who defy orders to stay at home. The PM will brace families for fresh curbs, which could be in place for the next six months, in a sombre TV address to the nation. He is looking at cutting pub opening hours, a ban on households mixing and tough penalties for those who flout the rules. New laws will be rushed through to enforce self-isolation, with fines of up to £10,000 for anyone who defies orders to stay at home…The PM is spending the weekend deciding on restrictions to tackle the surge in cases. He is desperate to avoid a second national lockdown which would be a further hammer blow for pubs, restaurants and the economy.” – Sun on Sunday

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  • Landlords slash rents by up to 20 per cent as tenants quit city centres – Observer
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Dido Harding: If you don’t have symptoms, don’t book a test

“Testing is our second line of defence. The first thing is to help stop the virus spreading in the first place. That’s why following hands, face, space is the most important thing we can all do. And if you do develop symptoms we must make sure you can get a test. So please if you don’t have symptoms, don’t book a test. We need to protect the tests for those who need them most. We have to protect tests for our NHS patients, staff, our care homes, our schools and anyone with symptoms. If we can do that, then whilst coronavirus may not be gone by the winter, I know that together we can meet the challenge head on.” – Sun on Sunday

Sunak “plans to freeze benefits and state pay”

“With unemployment projected to rise to more than four million as a result of the crisis, the Chancellor has told fellow Ministers that he is deeply concerned about the long-term damage to the Treasury’s balance sheet. In an attempt to claw back billions of pounds in economic bailouts, Mr Sunak has discussed scrapping inflation-linked increases to both welfare payments and public sector salaries – and is trying to persuade Boris Johnson to rip up the ‘triple lock’ which protects the income of pensioners.” – Mail on Sunday

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ConHome columnist O’Brien uncovers 180 Whitehall diversity watchdogs

“Whitehall mandarins have been criticised for wasting money on ‘non-jobs’ after it was revealed that at least 180 diversity officers are on the payroll across nine Government departments. In a series of parliamentary questions, Tory backbencher Neil O’Brien asked Ministers how many members of their departmental staff had ‘one or more of the words “equality, diversity, inclusion, gender, LGBT or race” in their job title’. Top of the pile was the Cabinet Office with 66 such employees, which included 41 members of the Government Equalities Office.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Javid backs new ASI report on student unions – Sun on Sunday
  • Parliamentary staff told to write poems about privilege on digital wall – Mail on Sunday

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Bailey wants sponsorship deals for Tube station names to raise TfL cash

“Underground stations could be renamed under plans put forward by the Conservative London mayoral candidate for a £100 million a year sponsorship deal to bolster investment in the capital’s public transport network. Under Shaun Bailey’s plans, companies would be given the chance to bid to rename stations as part of a new advertising campaign inspired by the Dubai Metro. The plans could see Knightsbridge Station renamed after Harrods, while Oxford Circus would be sponsored by brands with flagship stores nearby, such as Nike.” –
Sunday Telegraph

Robert Colvile: Floundering in defence and attack, the Prime Minister needs a big‑name transfer to help him win.

“Paul Goodman, the editor of the Conservative Home website, has pointed out that Cummings, while keeping a watching brief on Covid-19 and much else, tends to focus on specific projects, such as overhauling the civil service. Other senior figures also have discrete fiefdoms. Goodman’s suggestion, which I’ve also heard from other quarters, was to bring in Oliver Dowden or Michael Gove, both highly effective Whitehall operators, to play a co-ordinating role.” – Sunday Times

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Craig Brown: Sasha Swire – social blunderbuss

“The self-portrait that emerges from Swire’s diaries is of a social blunderbuss, one of those irritating people who delight in saying the wrong thing. Of her relationship with David Cameron, she reflects, ‘He likes me because I am not remotely nervous around him; I’m cheeky, lewd and sometimes a little bit too challenging.’ And how! Over a grand dinner at Chequers, she shouts across at Cameron that his plans for Syria are all wrong. When Francis Maude complains to her that Theresa May is ‘so boring and grey’, she replies, ‘Pot calling kettle black, Francis. You were the most boring politician of the century.” – Mail on Sunday

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Starmer interview: he wants to close the gap between young and old

Starmer’s vision is that Britain should be the “best place to grow up in and the best place to grow old in”. He believes the young and old alike have been failed by Boris Johnson’s government, especially during lockdown.Starmer’s idea is to press Johnson to accept a legal duty to close the gap, in the same way that Gordon Brown, the former Labour prime minister, wrote child poverty targets into law. “We will work with the government to put this in place. It is our moral duty to close the gap. But if this government won’t, it will be a priority for me as prime minister,” he says.” – Sunday Times

It’s Biden v Trump’s UK Ambassador on a trade deal for Britain

“The US ambassador has rejected a threat from Joe Biden that Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill could harm a trade deal with Britain, and said Washington had ‘no greater friend’ than the UK, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Woody Johnson says the US ‘stands committed’ to the UK in his first intervention over the contentious Internal Market Bill – which Ministers say is designed to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after Brexit. Democratic US presidential candidate Mr Biden fears the legislation could undermine the Good Friday Agreement and peace in Northern Ireland.” – Mail on Sunday

  • President vows to fill vacant Supreme Court place within a week – Observer