Race protests 1) Ministers consider 10-year sentence for desecrating war memorials

“Demonstrators who desecrate war memorials could face prison sentences of up to ten years, under plans being considered by ministers after the Cenotaph and a statue of Winston Churchill were boarded up to protect them from violent protests. Robert Buckland, the Justice Secretary, Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, and Suella Braverman, the Attorney General, are understood to be discussing proposals to make it easier to prosecute people who damage monuments to those who died during wars. The measures under discussion could also cover some of the statues currently being targeted by activists. The talks began after 125 Conservative MPs backed plans for a new Desecration of War Memorials Bill, which is due to be presented to the Commons on June 23 by two backbenchers, Jonathan Gullis, the MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, and James Sunderland, a former Army officer.” – Sunday Telegraph

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United States
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Race protests 2) Fox: All lives matter: we must not let ‘culture warriors’ win

“The so-called culture war would be damaging to social cohesion at the best of times. That it has come to the fore when there is underlying tension and undirected anger after almost three months of lockdown and anxiety about the pandemic makes it potentially all the more incendiary. It makes it even more important that we deal with the different issues and a range of underlying agendas calmly and with reason rather than emotional reaction. Following the entirely justified abhorrence of the death of George Floyd, which any civilised person will share, there has been a quick move by a section of the left to accelerate their attempts to expunge public commemoration of individuals of whom they disapprove. The Rhodes dispute at Oxford, for example, is long running and not a response to the terrible scenes in Minneapolis. Likewise, the debate over Colston in Bristol, and there is a legitimate debate about how we handle these elements of our history.” – Sunday Telegraph

Coronavirus 1) Johnson ‘will take personal control of two-metre rule’…

“Boris Johnson will tomorrow pave the way for the abolition of the two-metre separation rule by taking personal control of the decision to axe it. The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the Prime Minister has commissioned a comprehensive No 10 review which will effectively wrest control of Covid-19 social distancing guidance from Government scientists – and, critically, allow the devastating economic impact of the measure to be taken into account for the first time. One Government source said the move was recognition that ‘there is more to life than the R number’. Last night, Tory MPs predicted that the review – to be run by Downing Street’s newly appointed Permanent Secretary, Simon Case – would provide a road map for the two-metre rule to be relaxed in time for the reopening of pubs on July 4.” – Mail on Sunday

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Coronavirus 2) …but he is compared to May over two-metre indecision

“Two calls summed up one of Boris Johnson’s most difficult weeks as prime minister. Early last week a senior member of Downing Street staff phoned a friend and said: “The worry is that [Chris] Whitty and [Sir Patrick] Vallance could resign.” The chief medical officer and the chief scientific adviser — often seen flanking the prime minister at the coronavirus press conferences — had not made a threat to walk, but they were, to use a whips’ phrase, “on resignation watch”. “Their posture is much more aggressive,” a senior Tory confided.” – Sunday Times

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Lawson: Unions champion bad cops and dud teachers

“Derek Chauvin, the cop facing a murder rap over the death of George Floyd, probably shouldn’t have been in a position to brutalise anyone — or at least not as a police officer. In two decades with the Minneapolis police department, he had faced at least 17 misconduct complaints. Yet his career was unaffected, save for two letters of reprimand. Mark that up as another triumph for America’s police unions, which ferociously defend the jobs and privileges of their members. That is, obviously, what trade unions exist to do: it explains the fury of the local police union president when his colleague was charged with murder. Lieutenant Bob Kroll — himself the subject of 29 known complaints — declared this to be “despicable behaviour” by the authorities, and accused them of “selling out” his members.” – Sunday Times

PM ‘abandons plans to make gender change easier’

“Plans to allow people to change their legal gender and “self-identify” as a different sex have been scrapped in a move that will fuel the culture war gripping Britain. Ministers and Boris Johnson’s team in No 10 have ditched plans developed under Theresa May’s government to allow transgender people to change their birth certificates without a medical diagnosis. Instead they plan to announce a ban on “gay-cure” therapies in an attempt to placate LGBT people. New protections will be offered to safeguard female-only spaces, including refuges and public lavatories, to stop them being used by those with male anatomy. A paper on the government’s plans is “basically ready” and is pencilled in for publication at the end of July before MPs go on their summer break.” – Sunday Times

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Williamson and Truss ‘could face axe’

“Gavin Williamson’s Cabinet future is in doubt after growing anger on the Tory backbenches over the failure to open schools before the autumn. The Education Secretary is tipped to be one of the high-profile casualties of Boris Johnson’s next reshuffle, following his humiliating U-turn over the target to get all primary school pupils back in the classroom before the summer holidays. International Trade Secretary Liz Truss is also on the Prime Minister’s hit-list following rows over the terms of a new trade deal with America. Cabinet rivals have accused her of being prepared to allow cheap, sub-standard products such as chlorinated chicken to flood the UK market and hit the British farming industry.” – Mail on Sunday