Queen tells nation ‘Never give up, never despair’

“The Queen reminded Britain to “never give up, never despair” in a moving message to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, speaking with pride to a nation she said Second World War heroes would still “recognise and admire”. The monarch, who delivered a special address at 9pm – just as her father had done at the end of fighting in Europe – said she “vividly” remembered the “jubilant scenes” that had marked triumph after the bleak uncertainty of war. As the nation commemorated the anniversary in lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis, she paid tribute to the strength, courage and sacrifice of so many who died for the freedom of others, saying: “We should and will remember them.” – Daily Telegraph

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‘Arrivals to spend two weeks in quarantine’

“All travellers coming to Britain will be quarantined for a fortnight in an effort to avoid a second peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Boris Johnson will announce tomorrow. The prime minister will say in an address to the nation that passengers arriving at airports and ports, including Britons returning from abroad, will have to self-isolate for 14 days. Under the measures, which are likely to come into force in early June, travellers will have to provide the address at which they will self-isolate on arrival. The authorities will conduct spot checks and those found to be breaking the rules face fines of up to £1,000 or even being deported. However, the aviation and holiday industry has warned that the move could be catastrophic for business. It is likely to end any lingering hopes that Britons could take their summer holidays abroad this year.” – The Times

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Clark warns Government ‘R rate’ is ‘irrelevant’

“Greg Clark MP, the chairman of the science and technology select committee, urged ministers not to rely too heavily on the “irrelevant” figure while deciding whether people outside care homes could go back to work and see friends and family. “There’s a concern that measures that could safely release people back into the community are not being taken because of an irrelevant ‘R’ number determined by cases in care homes and hospitals,” he told The Telegraph. “It’s not clear how the ‘R rate in care homes is relevant to the ‘R’ rates of people going about their daily business.” – Daily Telegraph

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Former ministers 1) Javid calls on Government to get Britain back to work

“The former chancellor said that Boris Johnson had “rightly put public health first”, but argued it was now time to focus efforts on the economic recovery. His intervention follows warnings from the Bank of England that the pandemic could lead the economy to shrink by 14 per cent this year, with the UK facing its deepest recession for centuries. Speaking to Sky News, Mr Javid said: “We’re going to have to co-exist with this virus for many months, if not potentially years. “But we’ve got to find a way forward and that does mean you’re relaxing, as much as you can.” – Daily Telegraph

Former ministers 2) Hunt on Johnson, coronavirus and how to escape lockdown

“On the evening of Thursday, March 12, a few hours after Boris Johnson had made his big, “Many more will lose their loved ones before their time,” speech, Jeremy Hunt appeared on BBC Two’s Newsnight. To the uninitiated, he may have looked just very Jeremy Huntish: boring hair, boring shirt, light blue tie with spots. But Jeremy Hunt was angry. Behind the modulated tone and militant civility, his face was pink.” – The Times

Moore: Like any war, Covid-19 is a dream for socialists

“This is your victory,” Winston Churchill told the cheering crowds in Whitehall, 75 years ago yesterday. “No – it’s yours,” they shouted back. They meant it. Yet on July 26 1945, the people decisively threw out Churchill and his Conservatives and voted for the socialism of Clement Attlee’s Labour Party. They meant that, too. Total war is good for socialism. Its demands seem to overwhelm all normal considerations of liberty, privacy, property and diversity. It provides a seductive, but false model for the ensuing peace: let us all work together, all do what we’re told.” – Daily Telegraph

Parris: Is there anyone in the cockpit?

“It’s time to ask whether Boris Johnson is up to the job. A nation has a profound need to believe that, whether or not we know what’s going on, somebody does, and that would normally be the prime minister. A national leader cannot always tell us what’s happening or what’s coming — there may be reasons for caution here — but we need to be persuaded that the leader is leading: in charge, across his brief, able to bang heads together and when key decisions loom, equipped and ready to take them.” – The Times

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Met drops investigation into Brexit campaigners

“Darren Grimes, who founded the youth-focused group BeLeave, and Alan Halsall, a Vote Leave official, were referred to the police by the Electoral Commission over alleged breaches of spending rules. Mr Grimes won an appeal in July against a £20,000 fine by the commission and Vote Leave paid a £61,000 fine but denied wrongdoing. The Met has now concluded after seeking advice from prosecutors that no further action would be taken. Mr Grimes, 26, said that the development called into question whether the Electoral Commission was “fit for purpose”.” – The Times

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