Election Day dawns: Don’t risk letting Corbyn in by voting Brexit Party or Lib Dem, Johnson warns

‘Boris Johnson has warned that every vote for the Brexit Party today will increase the likelihood of Labour gaining power after a new analysis revealed that Nigel Farage could stop the Tories taking 16 seats. The prime minister issued a direct appeal to potential Brexit Party voters, saying that they were risking the “terrifying prospect of Jeremy Corbyn moving into Downing Street”. The move came as an analysis by YouGov identified 16 Labour marginals where the Tories could fail to make a breakthrough because Mr Farage’s party was splitting the Leave vote… The prime minister also warned about the risk of voting for the Liberal Democrats amid concerns that they too could hinder the Tories. There were suggestions that the party was two points from taking Esher & Walton from Dominic Raab.’ – The Times

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Final polls show the lead continuing to narrow

‘The latest opinion polling average for the general election shows the Labour Party struggling to catch up to the Conservative Party, though a final poll for the Telegraph on Wednesday night showed the election was “on a knife edge”. Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn have made their final push for Downing Street before polling stations open today, with opinion polls before today showing the Conservative Party still in front with an average lead of 9-points. Despite both leaders facing criticism, Mr Johnson’s “get Brexit done” message has appeared to be cutting through the noise, while Mr Corbyn has struggled to break over 35 points in the polls… The Telegraph’s final poll of the campaign shows that the Conservatives’ lead has shrunk to just five per cent. With the result now “too close to call”, the exclusive Savanta ComRes survey puts the Conservatives on 41 per cent ahead of Labour on 36 per cent, the smallest Tory lead since mid-October.’ – Daily Telegraph

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Labour is drafting a Queen’s Speech to secure SNP support

‘Labour is preparing to adopt key policies proposed by the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats to woo them into supporting a minority government led by Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Corbyn used a series of rallies in key marginal seats yesterday to urge voters to “shock the establishment” in a “truly historic” choice about the future direction of the country. The call came as 15 former Labour MPs appealed to voters on the eve of the election not to support the party, warning that Mr Corbyn was “not fit to be prime minister”. Lord Blunkett, the former Labour home secretary, also refused to endorse Mr Corbyn. A group called Mainstream, set up by Ian Austin, the former Labour MP, took out full-page advertisements in local newspapers in Labour’s heartlands, claiming that Mr Corbyn was an extremist and an antisemite who sides with Russia and the IRA… A senior Labour source said that the party had looked closely at the SNP manifesto and believed that there was ground to produce a Queen’s speech that could be acceptable to Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister.’ – The Times

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Over 100 victims of the IRA demand Corbyn apologise for his behaviour

‘Victims of IRA bombings demanded yesterday that Jeremy Corbyn apologise for his alleged historical sympathies for terrorists. A letter signed by more than 100 victims seeking a meeting with the Labour leader and John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, was delivered as the families of four soldiers killed in an IRA attack on Hyde Park began a court case against the alleged bombmaker. Mark Tipper, whose brother, Trooper Simon Tipper, was killed in the 1982 Hyde Park atrocity, said that the victims wanted an apology from Mr Corbyn “because he has given us, the families, no support at all”. Mr Tipper said his family believed that the Labour leader had shown greater interest in meeting supporters of terrorist groups than in speaking with victims of terrorism.’ – The Times

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Swinson hints the Lib Dems would be willing to work with Labour in a hung Parliament

‘The Liberal Democrats could work with Labour in a hung parliament if Jeremy Corbyn stands down as leader, Jo Swinson suggested last night. Ms Swinson repeated her insistence that ‘Liberal Democrat votes will never put Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10’. But speaking to ITV’s Robert Peston on the eve of the general election, she dropped a strong hint that she would be prepared to back a different Labour leader. ‘If we’re in a scenario where there is no overall majority, where for the second time Jeremy Corbyn has failed to win a majority, it is entirely feasible that he may no longer be leader of the Labour party,’ she said.’ – Daily Mail

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The weather is the unknown factor, as voters face rain and ice

‘Voters are set to shiver on their way to the polls today with temperatures plunging to -4C and snow to hit parts of Britain. The Met Office issued four weather warnings as an icy snap grips the UK, with a risk of injuries from falls on frozen surfaces and travel disruption. And voters casting their ballot are braced for a soaking as a blanket of rain covers the UK. There are fears the bad weather could lead to a low turnout in some constituencies in the UK’s first December election in nearly 100 years. Forecasters have said that conditions for Britain’s first December election in almost a century will be wet and chilly. Steven Keates from the Met Office told Sun Online: “It is going to be a bit of a miserable sort of day. Most people will see some rain, it is going to be quite breezy as well. If you are going out to vote take a brolly.”‘ – The Sun

Barnier recorded saying it won’t be possible to get a trade deal done on the current schedule

‘Boris Johnson’s timetable to ‘get Brexit done’ has been described as unrealistic by Michel Barnier. In a leaked recording, the European Union’s chief negotiator says that a global trade negotiation cannot be completed in the time frame promised by the Prime Minister. Mr Johnson has consistently vowed to take the UK out of the EU by January 31 and then finalise a trade deal with Brussels within 11 months. His commitment to ‘get Brexit done’ has become his main campaign slogan during the election battle. Mr Barnier has previously said the trade talks after the UK leaves the EU might be just as tough as the negotiations that have taken up the last three years.’ – Daily Mail

Aung San Suu Kyi continues to deny that Burma committed genocide against the Rohingya

‘Aung San Suu Kyi, once revered the world over for her defence of human rights, admitted yesterday that members of her country’s militia may have used “disproportionate force” against civilians and broken international law, but denied that their acts amounted to genocide. The Burmese leader, a Nobel peace prizewinner, giving an unprecedented personal defence of her government at the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague, said: “It cannot be ruled out that disproportionate force was used by members of the defence services in some cases in disregard of international humanitarian law, or that they did not distinguish clearly enough between fighters and civilians.” She was speaking on the second day of a three-day hearing in a case brought to the ICJ by the government of Gambia on behalf of dozens of other Muslim countries. Burma is facing allegations of genocide, with its military accused of committing atrocities against the Muslim Rohingya minority.’ – The Times

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