Prime Minister vows crackdown on terrorists

“Boris Johnson announced sweeping new anti-terror laws last night as a counter-terrorism expert said ministers had ignored plans that might have prevented the London Bridge attack. The prime minister said if the Tories win a majority next week, terrorists will serve their entire sentence, no longer be eligible for early release, and must spend at least 14 years behind bars. He spoke as the government sought to prevent a public relations setback over Usman Khan — a convicted terrorist released from jail last December — who went on a stabbing rampage on Friday, killing two people and wounding three others. The circumstances of Khan’s release provoked a political row with Jeremy Corbyn branding it “a complete disaster” and calling for a “very full investigation”.” – Sunday Times

  • Prime Minister attacks failures which enabled attack… – Sunday Telegraph
  • …as he thrusts security centre-stage – The Observer
  • Corbyn ‘refuses to condemn terrorists’ early release’ – Sun on Sunday


  • More than 500 terrorists have been set free in the UK since September 11 attacks – Sunday Telegraph
  • Critics slam Labour, Leveson, Clarke, and Gauke – Mail on Sunday


Boris Johnson: I will end early release

“The terrorist on London Bridge was sentenced 11 years ago under laws passed in 2008 which established automatic early release. This system has got to end – I repeat, this has got to end, as I’ve been saying for four months. If you are convicted of a serious terrorist offence, there should be a mandatory minimum sentence of 14 years – and some should never be released. Further, for all terrorism and extremist offences, the sentence announced by the judge must be the time actually served – these criminals must serve every day of their sentence, with no exceptions. These simple changes, in line with what I’ve been saying since becoming Prime Minister, would have prevented this attack. I believe they will help stop further attacks and these changes will be made urgently in the New Year if I am Prime Minister and have a majority in Parliament.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Horror proves we need new solutions to 23,000 jihadists – Col Richard Kemp, Sun on Sunday
  • Attack brought sorrow, bravery, and grave questions – Sadiq Khan, The Observer
  • I told ministers we were treating terrorist prisoners with jaw-dropping naivety – Ian Acheson, Sunday Times


BBC u-turns over Marr interview for the Prime Minister

“Boris Johnson will be interviewed on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show – but has still not agreed to a grilling from the broadcaster’s veteran Andrew Neil. The BBC’s decision to schedule the interview with Marr when the Prime Minister has still not committed to sitting down with Neil  who Jeremy Corbyn faced last week. The corporation has been branded “wrong” and “shameful”. It had been reported the BBC had told Mr Johnson he would not be allowed to face Marr unless he agreed to be interviewed by Neil too… Labour accused the BBC of “abject surrender”.” – Sun on Sunday

Johnson orders ‘drone-led’ overhaul of nation’s security systems

“Boris Johnson has ordered a drone-led hi-tech overhaul of the UK’s outdated defence and security system. The PM wants unmanned flying gadgets, right, robots and computers to play a much bigger role in future military and spying operations. He will announce Britain’s biggest defence revamp at this week’s Nato summit in London. And he will tell leaders the 70-year-old alliance needs modernising rather than abandoning. He has ordered an investigation into ways in which cyber warfare — or tech attacks using tiny devices — could threaten national security. Security forces are hampered by outdated laws written before modern technologies were developed.” – Sun on Sunday

  • Defence plans target space… and the underworld – Sunday Times


  • Military commanders say Labour leader would ‘wreck the Armed Forces’ – Sunday Times

Patel and Raab ‘at war’ over Hong Kong

“Home secretary Priti Patel is at war with foreign secretary Dominic Raab after he allegedly blocked an initiative to allow victims of state repression and violence in Hong Kong to flee to the UK. Patel, the home secretary, is seeking to relax immigration rules for holders of British national (overseas) (BNO) passports, a document created as Britain returned Hong Kong to China in 1997… However, Raab is understood to have blocked the measure. Sources said that he fears it would antagonise China and fall foul of the “one country, two systems” approach. This is the constitutional principle that recognises that Hong Kong is part of China but enjoys a separate economic and administrative system.” – Sunday Times

Tories brand Corbyn ‘Putin’s puppet’ ahead of foreign policy speech…

“Boris Johnson has warned that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would pose a significant threat to Britain’s international defence and security should he become prime minister. Speaking ahead of this week’s Nato ­summit in London and Hertfordshire, the Prime Minister warned that if Corbyn replaces him on December 12, then Britain will be excluded from the crucial Five Eyes intelligence sharing partnership. The Five Eyes – comprising the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – has been a vital part of British security and helped to prevent a number of ­terrorist attacks. Mr Johnson also made it clear that he will reject any push for a European Union single military force and not allow Britain to be part of it, as had been planned by his predecessor Theresa May.” – Sunday Express

  • Minister says Labour leader was Kremlin’s ‘useful idiot’ for decades – Mail on Sunday


  • Britain couldn’t confront Putin if Corbyn were Prime Minister – Dominic Raab, Sunday Telegraph
  • He’s no patriot and will not keep us safe – Ben Wallace, Mail on Sunday
  • Nato must be united against Russia and China – Robert Wood Johnson, Sunday Telegraph

>Today: Jack Richardson in Comment: NATO must be at the heart of the Government’s strategy for post-Brexit Britain

…as poll suggests he could be eroding Johnson’s lead

“The Labour giveaway bonanza has helped cut Boris Johnson’s poll lead in half in just seven days, a poll revealed. Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign surge would put the UK in “hung Parliament territory” if repeated by voters on December 12. The Labour leader has seen his rating up five points to 33 per cent with the Tories dropping two points to 39 per cent, BMG Research shows. Promises including free broadband, a £58 billion election payout to women pensioners and ending university tuition fees has boosted the party’s popularity. The Tories have repeatedly claimed duirng the election campaign higher taxes will mount up to £2,400 per person if Labour are elected.” – Sun on Sunday

  • Curtice says landslide speculation was ‘premature’ – Sunday Express
  • Labour vote ‘firms up’ with two weeks to go – The Observer
  • Tories’ lead shrinks despite voters’ distrust of Corbyn – Sunday Times



Four in five Jews think Corbyn-led government would be ‘a threat to their community’

“Over 80 percent of British Jews think a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Government would pose a threat to their community according to an incendiary new study. The report also found Mr Corbyn’s supporters were more likely to hold anti-Semitic views than the backers of other leading politicians. According to the YouGov poll, published in a Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) report, 35 percent of those who “strongly like” Mr Corbyn agreed with four or more statements classed as anti-Semitic. Meanwhile 58 percent of this group supported up to two such positions. Gideon Falter, chief executive of the CAA, claimed “the leader of the once fiercely anti-racist Labour Party is now the candidate of choice for anti-Jewish racists”.” – Sunday Express

  • Poll finds Corbynistas ‘more likely to be antisemitic’ – Mail on Sunday


  • This antisemitism poisons any good Labour might do – Simon Sebag Montefiore, The Observer

Brexit 1) Dozens of Labour candidates ‘betray their voters’ with pro-EU vow

“Dozens of Labour election candidates have vowed to double-cross their own voters — by fighting to stop Brexit. They have sworn a pledge to keep Britain in the EU after publicly insisting they would respect the referendum result. About 40 wannabe MPs are standing in seats where a majority of people voted to leave the EU. But despite previous vocal support for getting Brexit done, they have all signed the Remainer pledge to sell their prospective constituents down the river. The great betrayal will undermine leader Jeremy Corbyn’s big push to woo back Leave voters in Labour heartlands where support is crumbling… Sixteen of the 40 are Labour MPs seeking re-election, having defied voters in the past three years by voting to block, delay and derail Brexit on numerous occasions.” – Sun on Sunday

  • Pro-Remain MPs blamed for loss of Leave voters as party ‘erupts into civil war’ – Daily Mail
  • Labour and Lib Dems ditch their strategies – Sunday Times


  • Identity is the explosive charge set to blow a hole in Labour’s Red Wall – Matthew Goodwin, Sunday Times

Brexit 2) Cable attacks Liberal Democrats’ policy

“Sir Vince Cable has slammed his own party’s policy to stop Brexit in its tracks. The ex-Lib Dem chief has called the controversial stance of revoking the Article 50 process if they won a Commons’ majority as “a distraction”. Current leader Jo Swinson adopted the stance of cancelling Brexit just weeks after she became leader at the end of July. But Sir Vince said: “I’ve always argued that actually it was wildly improbable. “We were never going to get 350 MPs, so the policy had been and should be to argue for the People’s Vote, going back to the public, to the referendum with support for Remain. So the revoke was a distraction and not a very helpful one.” The warning Swinson told delegates at her party conference that she would take them from being the third party to challenging for Downing Street.” – Sun on Sunday

  • Swinson claims Johnson has ‘no redeeming features at all’ – Sunday Times

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