Patel announces new controls for EU migrants

“European citizens will be required to gain US-style pre-approval to enter Britain after Brexit in a fresh border clampdown to be unveiled by the Conservatives today. In a move to shift the election debate on to immigration the Tories will outline plans to make all visitors to Britain receive additional security clearance before they travel. There is expected to be a charge for the checks, similar to the American ESTA system. This requires visitors to gain clearance to enter the country three days before their arrival or be turned back at the airport. The European Union is expected to introduce a similar scheme in 2021, meaning that after Brexit all travellers between Britain and Europe will face additional scrutiny and costs. The plan is part of border measures pledged by Priti Patel, the home secretary.” – The Times

  • US-style electronic visas will be introduced – Daily Mail
  • Johnson to unveil five-point blueprint to beef up Britain’s borders – The Sun
  • Corbyn protested against extraditing terror suspects – The Times

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: The London Bridge horror. Now is the time to deliver on the other half of Taking Back Control.

Priti Patel: EU membership stands in the way of the security measures we need

“I see the constraints EU law places on our ability to secure our border all the time. Whether it involves criminality such as smuggling of people, drugs and weapons or our inability to stop dangerous criminals coming into the country, it’s clear to me that EU membership is incompatible with the vigorous border security I and the British people want to see. Under EU law, previous criminal convictions do not in themselves count as a reason to deny entry to, or deport someone. My powers as Home Secretary to deny entry to EU citizens who have committed serious crimes are severely limited in scope. Ultimately it is up to a court in Luxembourg to decide whether or not dangerous criminals from the EU can make Britain their home. If we don’t get a Conservative majority government next week, this situation will continue.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Let’s start offering illegal immigrants money to go home – James Kirkup, The Times

>Yesterday: David Davis in Comment: When it comes to terror, elected MPs must have the final say on human rights – not judges

Brussels preparing ‘survival kit’ to deliver deal by 2020

“Brussels is preparing a post-Brexit “survival kit” for Boris Johnson to help him deliver his ambitious pledge to secure a trade deal in as little as 11 months, has learnt. European sources close to the talks said the bloc would allow for a “barebones package that looks a lot like no deal from an economic perspective” to be negotiated as the basis of its future relationship with Britain. Under the proposals, EU negotiators would insist on a “scalable evolution clause” that allows them to future-proof the trade deal to subsequent governments. Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, has already poured cold water on the Prime Minister’s manifesto pledge to complete a trade deal by the end of next year.” – Daily Express

  • But EU chief issues warning over City of London access – FT
  • Lib Dems warn of Brexit brain drain as EU academics quit – The Guardian


  • Is Johnson heading for another Brexit crisis? – FT

>Today: Liam Fox in Comment: Now we must focus on getting Brexit done – and on Labour’s threat to wages, job and savings

Johnson happy to be interviewed by Neil… but won’t set date

“Boris Johnson has still not confirmed an interview with Andrew Neil before the end of the election campaign, despite saying yesterday that he was “perfectly happy to be interviewed by any interviewer called Andrew from the BBC”. The prime minister appeared on The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One yesterday after the corporation backed down, following Friday’s London Bridge terror attack, on its insistence that Mr Johnson could not do so until he had agreed a time for the interview with Neil. Jeremy Corbyn endured a difficult half-hour interview with Neil last week and Labour officials were aghast to discover afterwards that Mr Johnson had not fixed a date. Neil is widely considered the BBC’s toughest political interrogator.” – The Times

  • Hannan calls for Tories to boycott Channel 4 – Daily Express
  • Conservatives plan Facebook ad blitz – The Times


  • The Prime Minister must gather his courage and face this interview – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

Prime Minister calls for ‘Beveridge Moment’ on social care

Shield“Britain is nearing a ‘Beveridge moment’ with politicians from all parties coming together to solve the social care crisis, the Prime Minister declared yesterday. The Tory manifesto sets out a blueprint to tackle the problem which leaves thousands of pensioners facing high care bills. Boris Johnson said: ‘I think there is an emerging national consensus about this and that we are getting ready for, as it were, a Beveridge moment when people understand that we do need as a nation to tackle this and what we want to do is to reach across politics to bring people together.’ Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, he added: ‘We’ll ensure no-one is forced to sell their home to pay for their care and everybody will have dignity and security in their old age.’” – Daily Mail

>Today: Local Government: The Conservative Manifesto includes a promise to back adoption. Will it be delivered on?

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: “I accept that the full plan needs to be developed” – the Prime Minister is pressed on social care

Johnson to ‘steer clear of Trump’ at NATO summit…

“Boris Johnson hopes to cement Britain’s status as a global defence leader when he hosts Nato leaders in London this week, but is refusing any meeting with Donald Trump in an effort to avoid unwelcome interventions in the UK’s general election campaign.  Representatives from all 29 Nato countries are due to gather at the Grove Hotel in Watford on Wednesday to celebrate 70 years of the military alliance. When the summit was first planned, British officials expected to tee up the event with a series of defence announcements, projecting the UK as a serious military power, newly independent of the EU.  In the event, Britain is still in the EU and its role as summit host has been overtaken by the December 12 election and its strict “purdah” rules that prevent any major government announcements during a campaign.” – FT

  • Swinson attacks Prime Minister’s ‘friendship’ with President – The Guardian


  • Pledge of defence review sparks wrangling within the Armed Forces – The Times

>Yesterday: Jack Richardson in Comment: Trump’s coming visit – and why NATO must be at the heart of the Government’s strategy for post-Brexit Britain

…as Corbyn argues that it should ‘focus on inequality’, rather than Russia

“Nato should de-escalate conflict with Russia in order to focus on the climate crisis and the wealth of billionaires, Jeremy Corbyn has said. In a show of support for French president Emmanuel Macron, who said last week there should be a “change in direction” by the security bloc and closer ties with Moscow, the Labour leader on Sunday called for “a wider perspective” on threats to the West. His speech came as Nato’s Secretary General refused to deny that Tony Blair and David Cameron could both be given roles at the defence bloc. Jens Stoltenberg said he knew Mr Blair and Mr Cameron from his time as Prime Minister of Norway, and thought they were both “excellent people”. “Since we are not decided to establish a group I think it’s a bit early to try to start to appoint members of the group,” he said.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Alliance fears ‘triple threat’ of leaders going rogue – The Times


  • Electing Corbyn would brutally compromise our security – The Sun

>Today: Neil O’Brien’s column: Corbyn’s long and infamous record of retreat, appeasement and support for terror

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Corbyn – convicted terrorists should ‘not necessarily’ serve their full prison sentences

Opposition ‘struggles to hold on to Leave voters’ in Wales

“Wrexham, the constituency that Ms Wimbury hopes to represent after the general election on December 12, has backed Labour since 1935. Today, it is a crucial brick in the “red wall” — traditional Labour seats running from North Wales across the north of England — that the Conservative party is desperate to break down. Wrexham is a prime target for the Tories — partly because of Labour’s narrow lead of just 1,832 votes at the last election, but also because of the strong support for Brexit… Seats such as Wrexham have focused attention on “Labour leavers” — Labour supporters that also back Brexit. Prising them away from their traditional political home is arguably the central goal of the Conservatives in the election — and one that some Tories in the town believe is within the party’s reach.” – FT

  • Hard left, or no-hope Lib Dem? The Remainer dilemma in Pudsey – The Times
  • Chingford voters seek change as Tory seat becomes marginal – The Guardian


  • Labour surge relies on snatching the anti-Brexit vote from Swinson – Sir John Curtice, The Times

Corbyn sparks fury by leaving Jews out of minorities he’ll ‘defend’

“Jeremy Corbyn sparked fresh fury yesterday after leaving Jewish people out of a new campaign video pledging to defend minorities. In it his party vows to stand up for people “if you wear a hijab, turban, cross” and tells them “a Labour government will value you”. The Labour leader uploaded the clip, which features a speech by Shadow Equalities Secretary Dawn Butler, on Saturday. But critics quickly pointed out that there was “only one group not included” and described the omission of Jewish people as “extraordinary”. Daniel Sugarman, public affairs officer for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: “You’re a party being investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over claims of institutional anti-Semitism.” – The Sun

  • Eighty hard-line candidates who could win even if Labour loses – Daily Mail

Labour pledges to cut rail fares ‘by a third’

“Jeremy Corbyn will divert money earmarked for building roads to cutting commuter rail fares if Labour wins the general election, the party says. The Labour leader would cut regulated rail fares by 33 per cent from next month, which Labour estimates will save the average commuter in England more than £1,000 a year. About 40 per cent of rail fares are regulated or under government control. These include season tickets on most commuter journeys, some long-distance off-peak return tickets and anytime tickets around big cities. In addition to the fare cut, children aged 16 and under would receive free rail travel and part-time workers would be guaranteed to not pay more than people who have weekly season tickets.” – The Times

  • Plan would cost £1.5 billion – Daily Telegraph
  • Misery for motorists if road upgrades cancelled – The Sun


  • Tories, Labour and Lib Dems ‘have no plan for tackling transport emissions’ – The Guardian

Scottish candidates ‘threaten deal with SNP’ with anti-independence pledges

“Labour candidates are threatening to derail a potential deal between Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon by opposing a second referendum on Scottish independence. Would-be MPs, including a Scottish candidate defending a marginal seat against the SNP, are threatening to rebel if Mr Corbyn agrees to a poll as the price of Ms Sturgeon’s party propping up a minority Labour government. Martin Whitfield, who won East Lothian from the SNP in 2017, has publicly pledged to oppose a “damaging and divisive” second independence referendum if he is re-elected on Dec 12. Polling experts have said that Mr Corbyn has a “close to zero” chance of forming a majority government based on the current ratings of Westminster parties – leading the Conservatives to talk up the prospect of a pact with the SNP.” – Daily Telegraph

Farage pledges to tackle ‘virus of jihadi-ism’ in TV debate

“Nigel Farage took on candidates from each of the other six parties in his first head-to-head debate of this election campaign – telling an audience in Salford the government must do more to tackle the “jihadi virus”. Mr Farage said both the Tories and Labour have been too soft on jail sentences for the last forty years, calling for life sentences for inmates convicted of terrorism offences. “I don’t care if you were in prison for six years or 12 years,” he said. “If you have committed mass murder or planned to commit mass murder you are not just an ordinary criminal you have got the virus of jihadi-ism. I think these people should never ever be let out prison unless we are absolutely convinced they do not have the jihadi virus. But political correctness stops us from doing that.” Mr Burgon and Mr Sunak blamed each other’s parties for the release of Usman Khan, the terrorist who killed two in Friday’s London Bridge attack.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Anger as London Bridge attack ‘made political’ – The Guardian
  • Bidding war over police but questions remain – The Times

>Today: ToryDiary: No party is covering itself with glory in the aftermath of the London Bridge murders

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Raab sets out why the Conservatives are best-placed to protect the public from terror attacks

Liberal Democrats suspend senior member over forgeries

“The Liberal Democrats have suspended a senior member of their campaign team just days before polling day, after an official apparently forged emails to support a legal threat against a journalist over an embarrassing story. Jo Swinson’s party has been fighting the website openDemocracy for weeks over a little-noticed article published last month about the party allegedly selling voter data to the remain campaign for £100,000 during the EU referendum. As part of an attempt to have the story substantially retracted, the Liberal Democrats claimed openDemocracy failed to follow standard journalistic practice and ignored a denial from the party which had been emailed in advance of publication. But openDemocracy said it had checked its records and no such email had ever been received.” – The Guardian

News in Brief:

  • Could Corbyn cling on if Labour lose? – Steven Fielding, The Spectator
  • Is this the Tories’ real manifesto? – Peter Franklin, UnHerd
  • Cable is right, Royal Mail was ripe for privatisation – John Ashmore, CapX
  • Independent schools are caught in the class war crossfire – David James, The Critic
  • A rushed Brexit will be a botched Brexit – Ben Kelly, Reaction

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