Johnson to ‘dare monarch to dismiss him’…

“Boris Johnson will dare the Queen to sack him rather than resign as prime minister in an attempt to drive through Brexit on October 31, cabinet ministers have revealed. In an unprecedented escalation of the constitutional crisis, senior aides said Johnson would not stand aside if his proposals were rejected by Brussels and MPs tried to unseat him to avert a no-deal Brexit. They said Johnson was prepared to “squat” in Downing Street even if MPs declare no confidence in his government and agree a caretaker prime minister to replace him.” – Sunday Times

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  • Bercow floated as leader of ‘government of national unity’ – Sunday Times
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  • …and plan to ‘slash Speaker’s powers’ post-election – Mail on Sunday

>Today: ToryDiary: Don’t assume that this Commons will vote for a general election

…as he mulls plan to start stonewalling EU business…

Boris Johnson would veto the EU’s seven-year budget and send a Eurosceptic commissioner to Brussels to “disrupt” the bloc’s workings if he were forced into a Brexit delay, under plans being discussed by ministers. Senior Government figures are considering a series of proposals to “sabotage” the EU’s structures if Brussels refuses to agree a new deal or let Mr Johnson deliver Brexit without one. Two Cabinet ministers told this newspaper that they were among those backing a more “aggressive” approach towards Brussels. It is understood that plans under discussion include blocking the EU’s 2021-27 budget, which is due to be agreed early next year, and nominating a British commissioner who would cause disruption within their portfolio.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • Baker suggests making Farage Britain’s next commissioner – Sunday Express

…and Cox threatens to resign if Benn letter isn’t sent

“Boris Johnson has been warned the Government’s chief law officer will resign if he does not write to Brussels to ask for a Brexit extension, The Mail on Sunday has learned. Attorney General Geoffrey Cox is understood to have conveyed the threat during a ‘heated’ exchange with the Prime Minister over the Government’s concession to a Scottish court last week that Mr Johnson would comply with the Commons’ order to ask for a delay if no deal is agreed by October 19. The concession came despite Mr Johnson’s public assertion that he would rather ‘die in a ditch’ than make such a request.” – Mail on Sunday

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Stephen Barclay: The Government will not back down on Brexit

We are approaching the moment of truth. The UK and the EU need to negotiate a new approach to the Irish border issue. Or we must leave without a deal. It is doable – but only if the EU works with us. Brussels must now decide whether it wants to break the deadlock and see us leave on good terms with a deal, or no deal… We hope the EU will come to the table in the spirit of compromise and match our creativity and flexibility. If they do, we will leave with a new deal. If they shut the door on us, then we are prepared to leave without a deal. But the latter would be in neither side’s interest. It would bring disruption for us, and disruption for the EU.” – Sunday Telegraph

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Johnson faces deadline on Arcuri messages

“Boris Johnson could be forced to hand over any private text messages and emails he sent to the US technology entrepreneur with whom he has denied an improper relationship – or face prison. The prime minister has until Tuesday to respond to a summons from the London assembly to provide details of his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri, an entrepreneur whose relationship with Johnson is the subject of several inquiries. Len Duvall, chair of the London assembly GLA oversight committee, wrote to Johnson on 24 September giving him two weeks to provide information about the relationship.” – The Observer

  • He ‘backed her for £100,000 quango job’ – Sunday Times

Ministers 1) Williamson wants students to sign ‘free speech contracts’

“Undergraduates could be required to sign contracts affirming the right to free speech in a government move to combat a wave of campus protests. It follows attempts by students to “no-platform” prominent speakers and have academics with controversial views fired or disciplined, as well as a spate of death threats against professors. The contracts — which could also ask that students refrain from sexist, racist or anti-semitic abuse — have been demanded by the education secretary, Gavin Williamson, in a letter to the Office for Students, the higher education watchdog, which would require universities to enforce them.” – Sunday Times

  • Social engineering at universities will undermine a national asset – Daniel Hannan MEP, Sunday Telegraph

Ministers 2) Australia advising Patel on immigration reform

“The Australian government is advising British ministers on Boris Johnson’s plans to introduce a points-based system for migrants after Brexit, the Home Secretary has revealed. Priti Patel told The Telegraph that the Department of Home Affairs in Canberra was “engaging” with the Home Office over plans for a new scheme intended to restore public faith in immigration control. The disclosure came after Ms Patel met Peter Dutton, her Australian counterpart, while both ministers were in the US for talks with Donald Trump’s administration last week… Last week Ms Patel was applauded by Conservative members as she declared to the party’s annual conference in Manchester that she would “end the free movement of people once and for all” and instead “introduce an Australian style points-based immigration system.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • New police bid to share data with the Home Office – The Observer

Ministers 3) Truss shelves May plan on gender recognition

“Ministers have shelved plans to relax the law on changing gender following growing public concern over the number of children who are transitioning to the opposite sex. The move has been sanctioned by Equalities Minister Liz Truss after The Mail on Sunday highlighted the rocketing numbers of under-18s starting the treatment and controversies such as the Girl Guides admitting boys who self-identify as female. Theresa May launched a public consultation last year on proposals to change the law so that people would be able to switch sex simply by making a declaration of their gender – rather than, as currently, receiving a medical diagnosis, appearing before a specialist panel and waiting for two years.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Female gurus drawing up ‘most feminist Tory manifesto ever’ – Mail on Sunday

More ministers:

  • Raab rebukes US as embassy as suspect flees country – Sunday Times

Watson tops list of Tory targets for an election

“Tom Watson tops a hit-list of high profile scalps the Tories hope to claim at the next general election. Party bosses believe Labour’s troubled deputy leader is vulnerable and they have a good chance of winning his seat… He is now the Conservatives’ top target in a secret “decapitation” strategy drawn up by election planners. They believe Mr Watson is there for the taking as a mountain of problems pile up for him and aim to flood his constituency with campaigners. His credibility has been dented by his vocal support for the VIP sex claims against prominent politicians by fantasist Carl Beech, which have since been exposed as fabricated.” – Sun on Sunday

  • Officers to be cleared in ‘Nick case whitewash’ – Sunday Times
  • Proctor talks of ‘torture and complete devastation’ of false claims – Sun on Sunday

Stewart quits Conservatives to stand for London mayoralty

“The former Tory MP Rory Stewart has announced he will run for the London mayoralty as an independent candidate, after resigning from the Conservative party and standing down from his Penrith and The Border seat at the next election. The former secretary of state for international development surprised political circles and his Cumbrian constituents with the announcement, made just three months after his bid to become leader of the Conservatives. Last month he was kicked out of the parliamentary Tory party alongside 20 other rebels for voting against the government and in favour of the Benn act which blocks a no-deal Brexit and obliging the prime minister to request an extension to article 50.” – The Observer

>Today: Rupert Myers in Comment: Stewart has left the Party. But here’s why other moderates must stay, keep faith – and change it for the better.

Liberal Democrats stand aside for Grieve

“A leading Tory Brexit rebel has struck a secret deal with the Liberal Democrats in what is the first significant move towards the formation of a “remain alliance” at the general election. The Liberal Democrats have agreed to stand aside to help former Conservative Dominic Grieve save his Beaconsfield seat, paving the way for a Brexit showdown at the ballot box. The former attorney-general, a leading light in the cross-party “rebel alliance”, is planning to stand as an independent after being kicked out of the party by Boris Johnson for backing plans to seize control of the Commons to block no-deal.” – Sunday Times


  • The main parties are dying, and the Lib Dems are the future – Stephen Dorrell, Sunday Times

Labour accused of ‘institutional bias’ against Indians…

“Jeremy Corbyn has been hit by a new racism row after a former senior Labour figure accused the party of “institutional bias” against Indians. Manoj Ladwa, a British Asian political strategist who has previously worked as an election aide to Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, said he had resigned as a member after more than 20 years because policy-making had been “hijacked” by “hard-left extremists and jihadi sympathisers”. His comments follow the passing of a resolution at the Labour conference that criticised India’s actions in the divided region of Kashmir and called for a campaign of self-determination.” – Sunday Times

…as they re-open nominations in safe seats after claims of a ‘stitch-up’

“Labour has been pressurised into reopening applications for a safe seat after being accused of a “stitch-up” when the party suspended a leading candidate in the race just hours before a decision was due to be made. Jas Athwal, the Labour leader of Redbridge council in Essex, was axed from the contest to become the party’s Ilford South candidate at 11pm on Friday over disputed allegations that were first made against him in August. It came 15 hours before a meeting to decide the candidate and left just two others in the contest, including Sam Tarry, who is one of the original organisers of Momentum and formerly served as director of Corbyn’s leadership campaign.” – The Observer

  • Corbyn allies ‘fixing selections for left-wingers’ – Sunday Times