Tory rebels face being kicked out of the Party…

“Tory MPs who vote to block a No Deal next week will be sacked from the party, we can reveal. No10 will bar Remainer rebels from standing at the next general election. Boris Johnson is planning the move to quell a bid by MPs to rush a law through Parliament to delay Brexit beyond October 31, Sun columnist James Forsyth reveals today. The PM will treat next week’s vital Commons votes like a no-confidence vote in his Government, with rebel Tories disqualified from contesting their seats. Former pro-Remain Cabinet ministers such as David Gauke and Philip Hammond would end their careers as Tory MPs if they back the legislation.” – The Sun

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  • Major and Watson back court bid against prorogation – The Times
  • Scottish court to fast-track hearing – FT


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…as Brussels might offer UK extension of October 31 deadline…

“The EU wants to extend Article 50 to avoid a no deal Brexit, it has emerged, as Eurosceptic MPs said Brussels was starting to crack under the pressure applied by Boris Johnson. Emmanuel Macron was said to be ready to “withdraw” the October 31 deadline, and the European Commission said another extension was “obviously a possibility” in a clear softening of its position ahead of intensive negotiations next week. The EU believes that by offering an extension it will undermine Mr Johnson’s argument that Brexit has to happen in two months’ time “deal or no deal”, but Brexiteers cited the news as evidence that Brussels is starting to panic. Ahead of a week in which Parliament will become the battleground for the biggest fight yet over Brexit, Mr Johnson warned of “lasting damage” if Brexit is delayed any further.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Brown claimes EU is ready to offer a third postponement – The Sun
  • Brexiteers claim it is evidence of ‘panic’ – Daily Mail


  • France to trial No Deal customs system at Calais… – FT
  • …and Gove attends – The Guardian
  • Macron ‘prepares for the worst’ – Daily Express


  • EU insists that Britain still doesn’t know how to beat the backstop – The Times
  • Construction site sparks fears of hard border in Ireland – Daily Telegraph


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  • Only Whitehall stands in the way of a GATT 24 ‘get out of jail free’ card – Iain Duncan Smith, Daily Telegraph

>Today: Sarah Pittam in Comment: The intended audience for the prorogation is the leadership of the EU

…and Labour ‘ditches’ plan for Corbyn-led caretaker government

“Labour has shelved its plan to install Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister in a last-ditch attempt to block a no-deal Brexit. A vote of confidence in the government next week has been ditched in favour of trying to pass legislation forcing Boris Johnson to extend the provisions of Article 50 beyond October 31 in a climactic parliamentary showdown.Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, told The Times that next week was “almost certainly the last chance” to stop a no-deal Brexit, and urged Conservative MPs and those from opposition parties to “leave their differences at the door” to unite against the government.” – The Times

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>Today: ToryDiary: Having abandoned plans for an ’emergency government’, Corbyn seeks refuge in Cooper-Letwin

Javid clashes with Johnson over dismissal of aide

“Sajid Javid was “absolutely furious” over a decision by Boris Johnson’s most senior aide to sack one of his advisers without his knowledge.  The chancellor confronted the prime minister during a meeting yesterday morning and demanded to know why Dominic Cummings had dismissed Sonia Khan, a key member of his team. Mr Cummings was also present. In the first big row between No 10 and No 11 during Mr Johnson’s administration, Mr Javid is understood to have said that Mr Cummings had undermined his authority as chancellor and he wanted Ms Khan to return. “He does not consider the matter closed,” a source said. He also questioned whether proper process had been followed in sacking Ms Khan, who was escorted out of Downing Street by the police.” – The Times

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  • Claim that Downing Street is establishing a ‘culture of fear’ – The Guardian
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Prime Minister announces billions of new funding for schools

“Schools will receive an extra £14 billion over three years, Boris Johnson said yesterday, as his education secretary declared a passion for Victorian values. The schools budget will increase by £7.1 billion by 2022 but none of the extra money will arrive this academic year. Secondary schools will be guaranteed at least £5,000 per pupil from September 2020. Primary schools will have to wait two years before getting a minimum £4,000 per pupil in September 2021. Head teachers gave a cautious welcome to the extra money while teaching unions said it should come with an apology. Further announcements are expected this weekend on teachers’ pay and school discipline, including action to tackle poor behaviour and bullying.” – The Times

  • Chancellor ‘on course to break budgetary rules’ – FT
  • Social care risks ‘collapse’ without more spending – The Sun


  • FE colleges helped me become Chancellor – Sajid Javid, The Guardian

Mark Wallace: In just a month, Johnson has revitalised the Tory Party

“Almost unbelievably, it’s only a little over a month since Theresa May left Downing Street. It feels like a lot longer. The legacy of her time in office lingers on, throbbing like an unjust hangover afflicting a sufferer who didn’t get to enjoy the party beforehand. But, none the less, it’s remarkable how much has changed since her departure… Her last dogged defenders argued to anyone who would listen that changing leader wouldn’t change a thing. The Parliamentary arithmetic, they said, would remain the same, as though the Commons numbers would somehow compel any prime minister to adopt May’s woeful approach. The arithmetic matters, of course, but it’s now obvious for all to see that it is not the only force in politics.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Poll lead over Labour has doubled in just three weeks – The Sun

>Yesterday: MPs Etc.: CCHQ have opened selections for 21 new seats across England and Wales

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