Prime Minister plans ‘bailout fund’ to support businesses through Brexit…

“Boris Johnson is drawing up plans for a bailout fund to prop up businesses in the event of a no-deal Brexit amid fears that the economy is on the cusp of a recession. Michael Gove, who is leading the no-deal preparations, confirmed for the first time that ministers were working on a package to help companies at risk of collapse. The Times understands that the government has drawn up a secret list of big British employers that are considered most at risk, with the worst affected expected to be in the construction and manufacturing sectors. The prime minister’s Brexit war cabinet is expected to discuss the bailout plans, known as “Operation Kingfisher”, next week amid growing concern that a no-deal Brexit could tip businesses that are “otherwise fundamentally viable” into administration.” – The Times

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…as he plans campaign of ‘intimate dinners’ in Number Ten to persuade MPs to back him

“Boris Johnson is throwing a series of intimate dinners at No10 to convince Tory MPs not rebel to block a No Deal Brexit. The PM will warn the politicians their plan risks toppling the Tories and handing the keys to Downing Street to Jeremy Corbyn. He is launching the charm offensive as he orders Whitehall mandarins to ramp up No Deal planning… Downing Street insiders said the PM will use the dinners to win round Tory MPs who are worried a No Deal Brexit will damage Britain’s economy. Boris will reassure his wobbly backbenchers that he wants a deal. But he will hammer home his belief that his hardball tactics are the only way to force Brussels to finally tear up the hated Irish backstop.” – The Sun

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  • Cummings jokes that anti-Brexit civil servants ‘should be purged’ – The Times
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Patrick Minford: Economy has been damaged by our failure to leave

Negative growth in the second quarter has been hailed by the continuity Remain camp as evidence of Brexit damage to the economy. It is instead evidence of a Brexit ‘failure bounce’. The first quarter bounced up with a lot of pre-Brexit stocking-up. When Brexit failed to happen, it duly bounced down again. To get a reading on the underlying growth rate, it is best to average the two quarters and compare them with a year ago; this gives an annual growth of 1.3%. This tells us the economy has slowed down recently. But so has the world economy and this has had a negative impact on the euro-zone too, as it has on China and many others. Year-on-year growth in the first quarter- all we have for others- was 0.7% for Germany, -0.1% for Italy, 1.2% for France and the same for the eurozone.  The story is simple enough: the world has slowed and so have we.” – Daily Telegraph

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Johnson aims to become ‘first social media PM’…

Boris Johnson is planning to make more Facebook live broadcasts to the nation in a bid to become the first ‘social media Prime Minister’. Following the success of his recent ‘live from my Downing Street desk’ public address, Number 10 is looking at ‘new innovative ways’ to connect with the public – including holding online question and answer sessions dubbed ‘People’s PMQs’. “That was not a one off,” said a Downing Street insider. “This is recognition of the fact the public cannot get enough of the Prime Minister. He is at his best when he is meeting people so we’re trialling digital ways for him to do more of that.” The online project is being pioneered in-house, using a Number 10 tech team that was ‘under utilised’ by Theresa May, said the source.” – Daily Telegraph

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…as he mulls making prisoners ‘earn’ release

“Boris Johnson is considering plans to make criminals ‘earn’ their release from prison as he prepares to announce a crackdown on crime next week. A major report written by a former policing minister proposes a raft of criminal justice reforms including more ‘honest’ sentencing and an end to automatic release from jail. Instead, Tory MP Nick Herbert, chairman of the Project For Modern Democracy think-tank, suggests prisoners should only be let out if they behave themselves, stay drug free and try to mend their ways… Mr Johnson’s intervention follows the brutal stabbing of PC Stuart Outten, 28, in the head by a man armed with a machete in Leyton, east London.” – Daily Mail

  • Boost for jails in law-and-order election pledge – The Times


Javid ‘pledges millions’ for roads, railways, and broadband

“Sajid Javid last night pledged a “step change” in funding for roads, railways and broadband to get Britain match fit for Brexit. The Chancellor said the cash boost – being revealed in the autumn – will unleash Britain’s “growth potential”. The “landmark” National Infrastructure Strategy is expected to pump billions into the country’s infrastructure… Boris Johnson vowed to boost Britain’s infrastructure while on the campaign trail to be Tory leader. The announcement came after bleak figures showed Britain’s economy shrank by 0.2 per cent in the last quarter. Team Boris say pumping more cash into the country’s roads and railways will kick-start growth while improving the lives of ordinary Brits.” – The Sun


  • Tax imbalance risks dividing the nation – Dominic Sandbrook, Daily Mail

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Labour call on ministers to return severance payments

Ministers who left the Government after “breaking the rules, resigning for personal ambition or getting sacked for incompetence and repeated failure” should pay back hundreds of thousands of pounds handed out as severance payments, Labour have said. Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jo Platt called for the return of money which was reportedly paid out to ministers and advisers who quit their jobs, were fired, or who lost their seats in the 2017 general election. She accused the Government of rewarding “failure”, and said many of the people who received pay outs are now back in the Cabinet less than a year after receiving “handsome payouts”. The Government says severance payments for ministers are set out in law and, for special advisers, are a contractual entitlement.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Johnson’s sacking spree ‘leaves public with £1 million bill’ – The Times


  • Corbyn thinks No Deal a shot at his Leninist revolution – Stephen Pollard, Daily Telegraph

Opposition’s Scottish general secretary quits

“Scottish Labour’s general secretary resigned on Friday, capping a week of turmoil and feuding over whether Scotland should be allowed a second referendum on independence from the UK. The surprise departure of Brian Roy, Scottish Labour’s most senior official, raised new questions about the leadership of the party, which dominated Scottish politics for decades but won just 9 per cent of the vote in May’s European Parliament elections.  Mr Roy said in a statement he was stepping down to move on to new challenges, but the Scottish Daily Record newspaper reported that his resignation came after he was told last week he had lost the confidence of Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard.” – FT

Cabinet Secretary ‘in line to be new man in Washington’

“Sir Mark Sedwill, the cabinet secretary, is on the shortlist to become Britain’s US ambassador and is considered the frontrunner, The Times has been told. Boris Johnson is preparing to delay the appointment until after the Brexit deadline of October 31. This could pave the way for Sir Mark to go to Washington and enable Mr Johnson to appoint a new cabinet secretary. The position has been vacant since Sir Kim Darroch quit a month ago after secret diplomatic cables in which he described the Trump administration as “inept” were leaked.” – The Times

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