Stop Brexit 1) Tory rebels say they’re open to installing Corbyn as Prime Minister

“Despite scepticism from the Liberal Democrats and hostility from some independents, the Tory MPs addressed by Mr Corbyn said they welcomed his approach and agreed to meet him. The Labour leader was buoyed when another Conservative rebel declared that he would prefer a government led by Mr Corbyn to a no-deal Brexit. Guto Bebb, the MP for Aberconwy who quit as a defence minister last year to back a second referendum, and who had not been approached, said that he was open to installing Mr Corbyn in Downing Street… The Conservatives written to by Mr Corbyn were the former cabinet ministers Dominic Grieve, Sir Oliver Letwin and Dame Caroline Spelman, as well as Nick Boles, who left the Tories over Brexit and sits as an independent. All four said they would meet Mr Corbyn “to discuss the different ways” to stop no-deal on October 31.” – The Times

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  • Johnson tells rebels Brexit vote ‘must be respected’ – Daily Mail
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Stop Brexit 2) He sets out plan in letter to Liberal Democrats, SNP, and others

“The UK Labour party has set out proposals to form a temporary government in early September that would request an extension to Article 50 in a bid to avoid a no-deal Brexit before calling a general election. Rebecca Long-Bailey, shadow business secretary, said on Thursday that the opposition would try to bring down Boris Johnson’s government within “days” of parliament returning from its summer recess on September 3. Labour would then seek to form a “time-limited temporary government” with the aim of calling an election. In a letter to the leaders of other opposition parties and senior backbench MPs on Wednesday evening, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged his counterparts in the Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalists, Plaid Cymru and Green parties – along with Conservative MPs opposed to a no-deal departure – to support his attempt…” – FT

  • Labour leader’s plan faces big hurdles – FT

Stop Brexit 3) Swinson tries to tout Harman or Clarke as interim leader

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has claimed Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman are willing to lead an emergency government. Jo Swinson, who has already stated her preference for either of the veteran MPs to take the helm in the event of a caretaker government, said she had spoken to both and they were willing to intervene… Despite a backlash against the Lib Dem leader for saying it was “nonsense” that Jeremy Corbyn could command a caretaker government, she remained adamant the votes did not “add up”… While Ms Swinson is willing to meet with Mr Corbyn to discuss what can be done to prevent the UK crashing out of the EU she does not see him leading a temporary government as the answer.” – Daily Telegraph

  • But Liberal Democrat leader softens her stance and meets Corbyn… – FT
  • …as her party is ‘urged’ to support the plan – The Guardian
  • Wollaston says Corbyn in power would be ‘the lesser evil’ – Daily Mail
  • SNP leader urges Swinson to ‘rethink’ – Twitter


  • Labour MP confirms she’s ready to be ‘caretaker’ Prime Minister – The Sun

Stop Brexit 4) Stephen Bush: Plan for a ‘caretaker’ government exposes Labour and Lib Dem weaknesses

“The row over a government of national unity is pointless – but vitally important at the same time. It’s pointless because a unity government is dead in the water – but it is important because it exposes two vulnerabilities. The first is that it highlights Labour’s difficulty that a large number of people still have doubts about their candidate’s fitness for office, and also brings to light the Liberal Democrats’ own difficulties with balancing their need to appeal to Labour voters who dislike Corbyn and Labour voters who are fond of him. But the second, and more important factor is that if Remainers’ main plan to stop no deal is a government of national unity, you can safely assume that we will leave the European Union on 31 October – with the only question being who gets the blame.” – Daily Telegraph

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Johnson ‘delights Eurosceptics’ with plan to repeal European Communities Act

“Boris Johnson is preparing to trigger the end of European law’s supremacy in Britain as he cements his “do or die” pledge to leave the EU on October 31, The Times has been told. Within days Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, is expected to sign an order that will repeal the European Communities Act 1972 after October 31. Senior Eurosceptics said the move would represent a “totemic” moment and put Mr Johnson’s pledge to leave with or without a deal “in black and white”. Theresa May had infuriated them by failing to make the order before the March 29 Brexit deadline and eventually agreed with the EU to delay Brexit until October 31. She had opted to extend the deadline rather than activate the legislation.” – The Times

  • Merkel to reject bid to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement – The Sun
  • Up to 50 Labour MPs prepared to vote for a deal – Daily Express


  • Lewis confirms over a million of EU nationals have the right to stay – The Times
  • Bercow to try to ’embarrass’ Johnson into abandoning prorogation – Daily Express
  • Trump and Brexit boost Politics A-Level applications – The Times

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Patel hits back at Abbott over Home Office scheme

“Priti Patel  has hit back at Diane Abbott’s criticism of the government’s “offensive” campaign to cut down on knife crime by claiming she is “just playing politics”. The Home Office announced a new scheme to cut down on knife crime yesterday. Boxes of chicken in many takeaways now have a hashtag #knifefree after government statistics from April 2018 to March 2019 showed an eight percent rise each year on knife crime. The Home Office said: “We are rolling out our #KnifeFree chicken boxes in over 210 chicken shops in England and Wales, including Morley’s, Dixy Chicken and Chicken Cottage… But the initiative sparked a negative backlash on social media almost straight away.” – Daily Express

  • Row would be funny if it weren’t tragic – Coco Khan, The Guardian

Now Corbyn is accused of betraying Labour voters in Scotland

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused betraying thousands of Labour supporters who back the Union after saying the UK Parliament should not block a second referendum on Scottish independence. He said he did not think a new bid to break-up Britain was a “good idea”, but added that it was not up to Westminster to stand in the way of a fresh vote. His comments follow an about turn on Labour policy that was sprung on the party in Scotland by John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, during an appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last week. He plunged the party into civil war when he ignored its 2017 general election manifesto pledge and declared that the Scottish Parliament, which has a nationalist majority, and the Scottish people should decide if they want another vote.” – Daily Telegraph

  • He rows in behind McDonnell on independence – FT


  • Ex-Labour backer says Corbyn is ‘manipulated by fanatics’ – Daily Express
  • Union boss urges leader to protect woman-only shortlists – The Guardian


  • Hattersly shows the way for Scottish Labour’s big beasts – Alan Cochrane, Daily Telegraph


Political leaders request ‘Northern budget’

“Political leaders in the north of England have demanded a “Northern Budget”, including £7bn of transport infrastructure, after the government pledged to invest more in the region. Simon Clarke, the Treasury’s regional growth minister, was lobbied about the demands on a visit to Bolton on Thursday where he promised an “infrastructure revolution”. Mr Clarke, who is MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland in north-east England, said he would consider the list of projects presented as part of government plans to improve the fortunes of smaller towns that mainly voted Leave in the Brexit referendum.” – FT

Wollaston accused of hypocrisy after backing by-elections for defectors

“Liberal Democrat defector Sarah Wollaston was tonight accused of hypocrisy after it emerged she had lobbied for automatic by-elections for MPs who switch parties, despite refusing to face one herself. The former Tory MP, who defected to Change UK in February, before joining the Liberal Democrats on Wednesday defied calls to go back the polls in Totnes. She claimed her constituents, of whom only 13 per cent voted Lib Dem at the 2017 general election, did not want a Conservative candidate but a “centrist” MP… The Lib Dems were backed by just a quarter of the numbers of voters who voted for the Tories in Totnes two years ago – although the Lib Dems consistently finished second to the Conservatives in the constituency until their vote share collapsed following the 2010 coalition.” – Daily Telegraph

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