Johnson’s summer campaign blitz continues. Today, it’s law and order.  He says that he wants more stops and searches.

“That is why I am announcing today that in all 43 police authorities in England and Wales, we are making clear that the police can and should make use of their stop-and-search powers. We are extending an existing pilot so that 8,000 more officers can decide to deploy stop-and-search across an area without a senior officer needing to give the go-ahead. The operation can be instituted by anyone of inspector rank and above; and the officer can proceed simply on the basis that he or she thinks a crime may be committed…am afraid that as a society we have no choice but to insist on tougher sentencing laws for serious sexual and violent offenders, and for those who carry knives.” – Mail on Sunday

Other law and order and domestic policy news:

  • The Prime Minister announces new 10,000 prison places plan and scraps Gauke’s sentencing plan – Sunday Times
  • Rising cost of locking up old lags – Sun on Sunday
  • Cummings slams “f**king mad” criminal justice system, wants to crack down on foreign prisoners and paedophiles – Mail on Sunday
  • (Adviser’s family farm received EU subsidy – Observer)
  • CSJ urges Patel to raise the proposed minimum salary threshold for migrants – Mail on Sunday
  • Migration rules could be eased to protect care workers – Sunday Times
  • It’s time to get tough on crime – Leo McKinstry, Sunday Express
  • Ditto – Sun on Sunday Editorial

Meanwhile, Gove junks Brexit bills to foil anti-Leave plot

“Theresa May’s Government had previously insisted that five separate Bills – covering customs, immigration and trade – were needed before any kind of Brexit. But a new paper presented by Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg has destroyed that notion. Instead, he says a series of ‘statutory instruments’ – legal tweaks done with the flick of a ministerial pen without a vote – would be enough. The stark decree will infuriate MPs of all parties trying to sabotage Boris Johnson’s plan for No Deal, and Downing Street will face accusations that it will leave the UK in a legal limbo.” – Mail on Sunday

Other Brexit news:

  • The most likely gambit of anti-Brexit MPs is a Bercow-aided emergency Bill – Observer
  • Remainers ponder no confidence motion in Johnson – Sunday Express
  • Cargo planes could fly food and medicines into Britain in the event of No Deal – Sunday Telegraph
  • (Gove planning rapid rebuttal unit to counter scare stories) – Sunday Telegraph
  • Johnson “to meet Varadkar” – Sunday Telegraph
  • Britain may not be able to police its own fishing waters after Brexit – Mail on Sunday
  • “The Queen has privately expressed her disappointment in the current political class and its “inability to govern” – Sunday Times
  • Downing Street sees G7 summit in a fortnight as a crucial moment – Sunday Times
  • Millions of Brexit 50p coins to be printed in time for October 31 – Sunday Telegraph
  • Salvini pushes to take control in Italy – Sunday Express

Brexit comment:

  • A truly global Britain awaits us after Brexit – Dominic Raab, Sunday Telegraph
  • Johnson is no Churchill, but this could be his finest hour – William Shawcross, Sunday Times
  • MPs must thwart this bid to subvert Parliament – Michael Heseltine and Betty Boothroyd, Sunday Times
  • How bonkers, scruffy Cummings can save the Conservatives – Dan Hodges, Mail on Sunday
  • No Deal would be a calamity for the Union – Gordon Brown, Observer
  • The EU risks losing everything – Daniel Hannan, Sunday Telegraph
  • Britain needs a new RAF arm to stop China and Russia colonising space – Tobias Ellwood, Mail on Sunday

The Sunday Times: Javid must guard the Conservative commitment to economic responsibility

“Next month’s spending review looks to be all about preparing the ground for an early election. Mr Johnson has been throwing spending pledges around like confetti and all the signs point to an early election. On this, care will be needed. History is littered with examples of governments splashing the cash before elections and regretting it afterwards…Britain can retain its appeal to international business with the right mix of policies, including low taxes and even lighter regulation. It has, after all, remained the location of choice for the tech giants. But Mr Javid must also take care not to throw away the fiscal progress of recent years, which has re-established the Tory reputation for economic responsibility” – Editorial

  • Johnson and Javid Chequers dinner – Mail on Sunday
  • Javid’s family moves into Number 10 flat. So does his dog – Mail on Sunday
  • Carrie Symonds moves out of Camberwell into Number 11 flat – Mail on Sunday
  • My two operations to rid me of cervical cancer – Marina Wheeler, Sunday Times

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Raab v China over Hong Kong protests

“Raab spoke to Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, and stressed the need for “meaningful political dialogue and a fully independent investigation into recent events as a way to build trust” in the territory, the UK Foreign Office said. The former British colony has seen widespread protests in recent months which began with a campaign against a controversial extradition bill and has gone on to include a push for electoral reforms in the Chinese territory. Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said the days where Britain ruled Hong Kong were “long gone … The UK has no sovereignty, jurisdiction or right of supervision over Hong Kong.” – Observer

> Today: Jack Richardson on Comment – Why Johnson needs to revive the Foreign Office

Shapps champions electric cars

“Grant Shapps, the new transport secretary, is to use the Westminster “nudge unit” — a team of behavioural economists that was once based in the Cabinet Office — to steer electric cars to a take-off point of public acceptance. In Norway, 8% of cars are battery powered. In Britain it is fewer than 1%. The nudge unit, properly known as the behavioural insights team, will confront concerns such as anxiety about range by making electric cars seem normal while encouraging the idea that letting petrol and diesel models idle near schools is actually as strange as allowing smoking in restaurants.” – Sunday Times

Talking up your chances 1) The LibDems claims that they are poised to take seats off the Tories in a snap poll

“The new research has also prompted a scramble to raise the resources necessary to fight a more combative campaign. Swinson is understood to have begun a drive to win over new donors, including former Tory and Labour backers. Surrey’s Esher and Walton, held by Raab, is said to be among the most ambitious seats on the radar, even though he has a huge majority of more than 23,000. The party is also searching for high-profile candidates to fight prominent Tories. The actor Emma Kennedy is said to be in the running to take on cabinet office minister Michael Gove in Surrey Heath.” – Observer

  • YouGov poll suggests LibDems could gain half their marginals against the Conservatives – Sunday Times
  • Clive Lewis says that Labour should join a LibDem-led Remain front and stand down some candidates – Sunday Times
  • Labour revolt in Leave-voting seats against party’s second referendum push – Sunday Times
  • Up to a hundred Labour MPs could defy Corbyn over a second referendum – Sunday Telegraph
  • Corbyn’s real fear is of a very British coup – Stephen Bush, Sunday Times
    Blame the SNP if Corbyn gets that taxi to the palace – Nick Ferrari, Sunday Express

Talking up your chances 2) The Brexit Party says that it is positioned…to take seats off the Tories in a snap poll

“Conservative Party will lose 50 seats at a general election if Boris Johnson fails to win over supporters of the Brexit Party, new analysis predicts…It would leave Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour as the biggest party with 288 seats, opening the door for a Remain alliance with the Lib Dems and SNP. The threat to the Tories from the Brexit Party comes as speculation grows there will be another general election following a no confidence vote in Parliament. Brexit Party sources have revealed they have been approached by senior Tory ministers who support leaving the EU, begging Nigel Farage to keep putting up candidates to “keep the government honest on Brexit” – Sunday Express

  • Brexit Party accuses Electoral Commission of anti-Brexit bias – Mail on Sunday
  • Banks investigated over claims that he smuggled diamonds out of South Africa – Mail on Sunday
  • Farage says that he’s sober compared to Juncker – Sun on Sunday
  • At least two Tory donors want a deal with the Brexit Party – Sunday Times
  • Richard Braine is UKIP’s new leader – Mail on Sunday

Why did the power fail?

“The power cuts were triggered when a gas-fired power station’s connection failed at Little Barford in Cambridgeshire at 5pm on Friday. It was immediately followed by the failure of the Hornsea Offshore wind farm off the Yorkshire coast, sparking a wider shutdown. The energy regulator Ofgem has demanded a report into the National Grid failure. It has powers to fine the company up to 10% of its turnover. Lord Adonis, a former chairman of the government’s National Infrastructure Commission, said the failure was a “wake-up call”. “Why wasn’t the system resilient enough to cope with this double failure? National Grid has a lot of explaining to do,” he said.” – Sunday Times