EU 1) Johnson clashes with Varadkar over the backstop

“Boris Johnson clashed with his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar yesterday before the prime minister makes his first visit to Northern Ireland today. Downing Street said that in a testy call between the two men Mr Johnson had repeated his public pledge to take Britain out of the EU on October 31, “no matter what”. The spokesman added that Mr Johnson had made clear to Mr Varadkar that any deal must abolish the backstop. However, Mr Varadkar’s spokesman said that the Irish prime minister had told Mr Johnson that the backstop was necessary as a consequence of the UK’s decisions.” – The Times


  • US politicians warn Johnson over Ireland… – Daily Express
  • …whilst Trump promises ‘Brexit bonanza’ – The Sun

EU 2) He suggests UK could ‘stay in Single Market and Customs Union’ for another two years

Boris Johnson has said that the UK could stay in the customs union and single market for another two years, as he appeared to suggest what a Brexit deal struck by his Government could look like. The Prime Minister described the chance of a no-deal Brexit as “vanishingly small” as he visited farmers in Wales on his tour of the UK. However, he stressed that the cost of no-deal preparations – such as building new customs facilities – will not be a “wasted effort” even if the UK manages to agree a deal with the European Union. He said: “Some of the changes and adjustments necessary in the run-up to October 31, and a lot of which we have already done, will be crucial anyway if we are going to come out of the customs union, come out of the single market as we must in the next couple of years.”” – Daily Telegraph

  • Farage brands Cummings ‘untrustworthy’ – The Times
  • How Vote Leave chief is overhauling Downing Street – Daily Telegraph


  • Raab to urge firms to focus on non-EU exports – The Guardian
  • ‘Boosterism’ planned to ease Brexit pain – FT
  • £500 million plan to help farmers in the event of No Deal – The Times
  • Such a Brexit ‘threatens the viability’ of British auto manufacturing – FT
  • Sterling tumbles to a two-year low – FT


  • I couldn’t be in a Government that advocated a no-deal exit – Stephen Hammond MP, The Guardian

Prime Minister tests ‘bounce’ in Welsh by-election…

“Word spread quietly among hillside farmers, and along a high street bustling with political activity in the Welsh market town of Brecon: Boris Johnson was on his way. It was a last minute intervention ahead of a by-election on Thursday – triggered by the recall of the Conservative MP Chris Davies for a false expenses claim – that could leave the UK prime minister’s majority in parliament hanging by a thread of one. But it added another question to a vote already brimming with them: could Mr Johnson’s accession to the premiership, and uncompromising talk of a no-deal Brexit, swing the balance back in favour of the Conservatives and away from insurgent forces on the left and right.” – FT

  • Biggest polling bounce for a new premier in two decades… – Daily Telegraph
  • …but he struggles to attract female voters – The Times
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  • Tories ‘overtake Labour in Wales’ – The Sun
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  • Sturgeon lashes out after ‘frosty’ meeting – Daily Express
  • Johnson rules out a second referendum – The Sun

Northern Ireland:

  • ‘It was a British vote!’ DUP hits out at Scottish remainers – Daily Express
  • Prime Minister wines and dines Unionist allies – The Sun
  • Johnson faces protests from families of Troubles victims – Daily Mail


  • Radical federalism could save the UK – Philip Johnston, Daily Telegraph


…as he pledges ‘billions’ for health and social care

“Boris Johnson is preparing to spend billions more on health and social care, including a hospital building programme and a far-reaching plan to ease the costs of care in old age as he seeks to lay out an expansive post-Brexit reform agenda. Mr Johnson, who put the promise of an extra £350m a week for the NHS at the heart of the campaign to leave the EU, will instead use the “fiscal headroom” bequeathed by former chancellor Philip Hammond to fund his ambitious programme. The plan to set aside money for new hospitals is intended in part to keep faith with voters who backed Leave on a promise of a better-funded NHS. Although details have yet to be thrashed out, people close to the issue said it goes beyond Mr Johnson’s announcement, in his first speech as prime minister, of 20 “hospital upgrades” to include brand new facilities.” – FT

  • Tories will ‘take on’ Corbyn over the NHS – The Times
  • Rewards await for investing in overlooked communities, Johnson told – Daily Telegraph


  • Moderate Tories like me have no place in the party – Sebastian Cousins, Times Red Box


Williamson takes ‘personal charge’ of skills and vocational education brief

“Gavin Williamson, the new education secretary, will take personal charge of technical and vocational skills in a sign that the government intends to focus on the 50 per cent of young people who do not go to university. He is to overhaul the neglected sector with Kemi Badenoch, the new children’s minister, who has first-hand experience. Ms Badenoch, 39, completed her A levels part-time at a further education (FE) college in south London. Boris Johnson used his first parliamentary appearance as prime minister last week to say that FE would be a priority. “It is vital we invest now in further education and skills,” he said.” – The Times

  • Is Javid’s appointment a good thing for the City? – FT

Patel claims that Facebook will hinder the fight against terrorism

“Facebook threatens to hamper the fight against terrorists and child abusers by increasing encryption, Priti Patel will warn on Wednesday. In the first intervention by a minister, the new Home Secretary says the tech giant’s plans to introduce end-to-end encryption on its messaging platform would benefit child abusers, drug traffickers and terrorists plotting attacks. Writing for The Telegraph, she says it would prevent law enforcement agencies investigating and tracking down lawbreakers by enabling criminals to hide their messages. She urges the social media giant and other tech companies to co-operate with intelligence agencies by giving them “lawful access” to encrypted messages through a “back door” in exceptional cases so that they can catch serious criminals and terrorists.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Tugendhat urges Home Secretary to overhaul treason law – Daily Express


  • I won’t allow encryption to stop the police doing their job – Priti Patel MP, Daily Telegraph

Mercy Muroki: Labour must stop its demonisation of ethnic minority Tories

“Although this merits discussion, the Tory party’s unfortunate record on representation and race relations is well-documented. If you’re an ethnic minority voter who cares even remotely about politics or race relations, there is a far more toxic problem rearing its ugly head that, if not stopped dead in its tracks, will eventually set freedom of thought and expression for black Brits back — and this one is a Labour problem. The left have, for too long, endorsed a systematic campaign of intimidation on ethnic minority Tories. This ugly beast’s raison d’être? To set the parameters of black and brown identity and thought, and to make those things synonymous with the leftist identity.” – Times Red Box

  • Right-on brigade exposes its own prejudices – Trevor Phillips, The Times

>Yesterday: Shabnam Nasimi in Comment: This diverse new Cabinet is a great achievement – let’s build on it

Campbell claims Corbyn’s aides agree he isn’t up to the job

“Aides of Jeremy Corbyn have secretly agreed he is not up to the job of Labour leader, Alastair Campbell claimed yesterday. In a bombshell intervention, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor said he ‘no longer’ wanted to be part of the party under Mr Corbyn. Mr Campbell had planned to appeal after being expelled in May following his admission that he voted Liberal Democrat in the European elections as a protest. But in an open letter to Mr Corbyn, he said his party leader did not understand the scale of the Brexit crisis and should make way for someone who did. Later, Mr Campbell added that he did not want to return because Labour had been ‘taken over’ by former communists and it was ‘time to stop pretending… this is the Labour Party that we really believe in’.” – Daily Mail

  • Leader of the Opposition attacks Branson – The Times


  • There are better reasons to quit Labour than its failure to back Remain – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph
  • Labour risks a wipeout if it doesn’t take Johnson seriously – Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian

MPs call for schools in knife crime areas to get police officers

“All schools in areas where there is a “above average” risk of youth violence should have dedicated police officers to combat surge in knife crime and county lines gangs, says the home affairs committee. The all-party committee wants a new “schools police force” in every constabulary to be in place by next April after a doubling in children under 16 being admitted to hospital from knife attacks and a dramatic rise in murders of young people. At least a third of police forces have no officers in schools including West Midlands, the second biggest force in England, where more than 700 schoolchildren were victims of knife crime last year including 41 of primary school age.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Committee brands response to youth violence ‘inadequate’ – The Guardian

Proctor and other Beech victims call for inquiry into the Met

“Victims of Carl Beech, the fantasist who conjured up a VIP paedophile ring, have backed a judge’s calls for a criminal investigation into Scotland Yard’s handling of the case. Sir Richard Henriques, a former High Court judge who ran a review of the force’s inquiry in 2016, said yesterday he believed that warrants to search the properties of the high-profile figures had been obtained unlawfully. He was supported by Lord Bramall, the former chief of the defence staff, and Harvey Proctor, the former MP, who were among those Beech falsely accused of abuse.” – The Times

  • I was ruined on a lie, there must be an inquiry – Harvey Proctor, Daily Mail


  • Police must be held to account – The Times

News in Brief:

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