Johnson promises pay increase for public sector…

“Boris Johnson will show “some love” to public-sector workers with a pay rise to “properly reward” them for the job they do, one of his key cabinet allies has promised. Matt Hancock, the health secretary who is also in the team planning Mr Johnson’s first 100 days in office if he becomes Tory leader, said that public-sector staff were doing a “brilliant job for the country” and deserve a “fair” pay rise. He told The Times that the days of “pay freezes” under Theresa May and David Cameron were over. The promise came after Mr Johnson vowed to turn on the spending taps if he became prime minister by cutting taxes, raising the national living wage and increasing borrowing to fund “great projects”.” – The Times

  • Lowest-paid will be the target of his tax cuts – Daily Telegraph
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  • Both candidates opt for reckless promises over serious debate – The Times

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….as he blasts BBC’s Brexit coverage and licence fee decision

“Boris Johnson has taken a swipe at the BBC’s coverage of the UK’s departure from the EU , branding it ‘the Brexit Bashing Corporation’. The Tory leadership favourite also tore into the broadcaster at a leadership hustings in Carlisle over its decision to strip millions of pensioners of their free TV licences. He made a direct plea to the corporation to ‘look after’ older viewers who face having licences means-tested from next year… He then tore into the broadcaster over licences. The Corporation said last week that it would strip 3.7 million pensioners of their free licences. Under the new rule, only over-75s who receive Pension Credit will be eligible for a free licence from next year.” – Daily Mail

  • Brown urges May to honour Tory manifesto on free TV licences – The Sun

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Clare Foges: Johnson may live to regret becoming Prime Minister

“On to him they project their fantasies. To those who want a no-deal Brexit, he’s a hardliner. To those who want a renegotiated deal, he’s the only emollient who can soften the Europeans. To those who want a red-meat Tory agenda, he’s the man. To those who want a liberal, he’s a liberal. Together Johnson’s fans are freighting his hoped-for premiership with impossible, contradictory expectations. Just a few months from now, those expectations will collide with reality — and that is when I am afraid the dream will start to curdle, not only for his fans but for the man himself.” – The Times

  • We will prove Putin wrong by leaving the EU on October 31 – Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph
  • He’s an internationalist who will put British interests first – Mark Pritchard MP, Times Red Box
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  • Don’t expect the next Prime Minister to tackle the NHS – Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph

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Hunt unveils £20 billion Brexit warchest

“Jeremy Hunt is to reveal plans for a no-deal Brexit “war chest” worth almost £20 billion, which he would use to slash corporation tax and compensate small businesses. In a speech to be given today the foreign secretary vows to mitigate the effects of tariffs on fishermen and farmers with £6 billion worth of funding, saying that they are entitled to help just as the banks were when they were bailed out during the financial crisis. He also pledges to cut corporation tax to 12.5 per cent, at an estimated cost of £13 billion a year, regardless of whether or not there is a Brexit deal. He says that Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan amounts to little more than a “wing and a prayer”, while he has put in the “hard yards” with a detailed strategy.” – The Times

  • He refuses to rule out extending Brexit beyond 2020… – Daily Telegraph
  • …but says he would allow a no-deal exit with a ‘heavy heart’ – FT
  • Comment ‘sparks business anger’ – The Guardian
  • Foreign Secretary says he could protect the Union in such circumstances – Daily Telegraph


  • Hunt must be in the Cabinet if Johnson wins – John Pickard, Times Red Box

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May could get casting vote on key EU post

“Theresa May tonight faces the prospect of casting the deciding vote on who should succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission. The prime minister, in her final EU summit in Brussels, was confronted with the possible dilemma, which could have ramifications for her successor’s Brexit negotiations. EU officials are keen to avoid the decision going to a vote but if one was to go ahead it would need 21 countries representing 65 percent of the total EU population of 500 million to pass. Leaders are under pressure to select a candidate before the new European Parliament sits for the first time in Strasbourg on Tuesday. Plans have been made to serve the prime ministers and presidents a “working breakfast” at the European Council’s £287 million Europa building, if necessary.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Leaders row for 15 hours and still no decision – Daily Express
  • Anti-Brexit anglophile Timmermans tipped for top post – The Guardian


  • Robbins quits so new Prime Minister can choose new envoy – The Sun

James backs call to reverse cuts

“A minister has backed The Sun’s campaign to see families with disabled kids supported after the government slashed their funding. Conservative politician Margot James, the minister for Digital and Creative Industries, has written a public letter of support to Nadhim Zahawi, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and families… She also referenced the Give It Back campaign which has been supported by the DCP and the British Academy of Childhood disability. The campaign is calling for the Government to reinstate the £434 million of funding it has cut from these families – for services such as respite care and vital equipment.” – The Sun

  • Survey finds Tory voters want to end ban on onshore wind farms – The Guardian

McDonnel denies plot to oust Corbyn…

Jeremy Corbyn’s right-hand man has denied being involved in a plot to oust him, as he dismissed reports that the Labour leader had suffered a stroke. John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, said weekend reports that he was “on manoeuvres” to choose a new leader in case Mr Corbyn quits due to ill health were “pure invention and absolute rubbish”. It came as Mr Corbyn demanded an investigation into the civil service to root out the source of claims by unnamed mandarins that he was not “physically or mentally” up to the job of being prime minister. Labour said the criticism of Mr Corbyn by civil servants was a “totally unwarranted and unconstitutional political intervention” that breached civil service neutrality.” – Daily Telegraph

  • McCluskey mocked for ‘fake news’ comments… – The Times
  • …as he defends ‘strong leader’ Corbyn – FT
  • Labour chiefs demand probe into leak – The Sun


  • Corbyn is not fit to be Prime Minister – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun
  • He poses no electoral threat to the Tories – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

…as he indicates support for major inheritance tax extension

“Labour could drag ten million homes into its inheritance tax band after the Shadow Chancellor backed plans for the duty. John McDonnell said the party was “looking at” the proposal laid out in a report commissioned by the party which calls for a new “lifetime gifts tax”. The lower limits under the Government are £325,000 for gifts and £1million for family homes from 2020. Mr McDonnell said: “I think it’s interesting. We need to have a fairer system of how we can ensure that wealth is more fairly distributed. We’re looking at it.” The Tories said Labour’s plans would hit Wokingham, Berks hardest – as 88 per cent of homes are estimated to be in the £250,000 to £1million bracket.” – The Sun

  • Tories say plan will slash inheritance for millions – Daily Mail


  • McDonnell voices Labour ‘frustration’ with Brexit policy – The Guardian


Farage unveils Brexit Party candidates… sort of

“Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party paraded more than 100 general election candidates at a rally yesterday but refused to say who they were. The men and women, who, the party said included economists and forklift truck drivers, appeared behind Mr Farage at a glitzy rally in Birmingham complete with fireworks. The Brexit Party leader told the crowd, which organisers said was made up of 5,000 supporters, to prepare for a potential election this autumn. One of the party’s new MEPs, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, said MPs should be “scared” of her party’s plans for Westminster. However, the party declined to name its new candidates last night. A spokesman denied that the secrecy was down to concerns over their social media history, insisting that they had all been vetted.” – The Times

  • He vows they will contest every seat – The Sun

Trump makes history with Kim meeting

“President Trump became the first United States leader to set foot in North Korea yesterday, during a hastily arranged meeting with Kim Jong-un at the country’s tense border with South Korea. After greeting Mr Trump at the frontier between the two nations, Mr Kim led him a few yards into the North, before the two men crossed back over the line to greet President Moon of South Korea. The three leaders shook hands, talked for just under an hour and announced afterwards that teams of North Korean and US diplomats would resume negotiations on denuclearisation, four months after Mr Trump and Mr Kim last met at a summit in Vietnam. That meeting in Hanoi was abruptly cut short.” – The Times

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