Tory MPs threaten revolt after defeat of anti-No Deal motion

“A former Tory cabinet minister has threatened to bring down the government in a confidence vote if the next prime minister tries to force a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs. Tory whips saw off a move yesterday that would have allowed the Commons to legislate against a no-deal Brexit. Eight Labour MPs voted against the party’s motion and a further 13 abstained, while only ten Tory MPs rebelled against their whip, with the result that the proposal was defeated by 309 votes to 298. Jeremy Corbyn could be heard admonishing Tory MPs when the result was called, saying: “You won’t be cheering in September.” Dominic Grieve, the former attorney-general, who was among the Tory rebels, said he would be willing to back a vote of no confidence in his own side rather than allow a no-deal Brexit.” – The Times

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Javid brands Johnson ‘yesterday’s news’…

Sajid Javid said Boris Johnson is “yesterday’s news” as he positioned himself as the “outsider” to the establishment in the leadership race. In a dig at two of his main rivals – Mr Johnson and Jeremy Hunt – the Home Secretary said the Conservative party needs to move away from “the same old insiders with the same old school ties”. Mr Johnson went to Eton College and Mr Hunt was head boy at Charterhouse. Both studied at Oxford, as did Michael Gove. Launching his official leadership campaign Mr Javid said: “The problem with much of the Westminster elite, in all parties, is that they have always been insiders, never had to fight like the rest of us just to get their foot in the door.” … Mr Javid said he is the “change candidate” while “Boris Johnson is yesterday’s news”.” – Daily Telegraph

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>Today: Sajid Javid MP in Comment: I’m in this race because I want to level the playing field, to lower the ladder to everyone.


…as front-runner ‘won’t rule out suspending Parliament’

“Boris Johnson has privately assured senior Brexiteers that he will leave open the option of suspending parliament to force through a no-deal exit from the European Union, The Times has been told. The frontrunner to become the next leader of the Conservative Party has repeatedly voiced his opposition to the highly controversial move at hustings as he seeks to attract support from all wings of the party. He told MPs that he was “strongly not attracted to” the option at an event after the official launch of his campaign yesterday. The former foreign secretary was said, however, to have privately assured the hard-Brexit European Research Group (ERG) of backbenchers that he would not explicitly rule it out.” – The Times

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Hancock says he can ‘turn the page’ on Brexit

“The health secretary, Matt Hancock, has claimed he could beat Jeremy Corbyn at the next general election by “turning the page” on Brexit, and “putting pounds in people’s pockets”. The race to be Britain’s next prime minister has been dominated by what happens between now and the 31 October Brexit deadline. Tory MPs will take part in the first of several rounds of voting on Thursday, as they whittle down the 10-strong field to a pair of finalists, who will be put to Conservative members. But Hancock urged colleagues to ask themselves who could win a general election. “Of course we’ve got to deliver Brexit; but then we’ve got to win a majority by appealing to aspirational people in the centre ground of British politics, where there’s a gaping hole,” he told the Guardian.” – The Guardian

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  • Only Hancock has a plan he can deliver – Damian Green MP and David Lidington MP, Times Red Box

>Today: MPs Etc.: Leadership election candidate MP support numbers: Johnson 83, Hunt 37, Gove 34, Raab 23, Javid 19, Hancock 17

Esther McVey: As Prime Minister, I would use the aid budget to keep Britain safe

“By 2030, I want to ensure that our defence spending is up by around fifty per cent, back to 3 per cent of GDP. This would be equivalent to a 0.1 per cent of GDP increase every year over the next decade which is perfectly achievable if we put our minds to it. If I became leader of the Conservative Party, my government would commission an immediate 3 by 30 Defence Review to start the ball rolling on this from day one. As part of my leadership campaign I have called for the Department for International Development’s (DfID) budget to return to 2010 levels to allow £3 billion more for the police and £4 billion more for schools. This will involve merging DfID with other departments and having its functions primarily returned to the Foreign Office.” – Daily Telegraph

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Gauke ordered to take immediate action in ‘crisis’ jail

“David Gauke has been ordered to take immediate action at a “crisis” jail where one in ten prisoners  are a suicide risk and an emergency hotline for friends and families of the inmates had been left unanswered for two weeks. Peter Clarke, chief inspector of prisons, today issues an “urgent notification” to the Justice Secretary, requiring him to take emergency action within 28 days to tackle “chronic and seemingly intractable failings” at Bristol jail. Mr Clarke said an “extraordinarily high” one in ten of the 600 inmates were judged at risk of suicide or self-harm yet many were receiving “very poor care.” Two committed suicide in the run-up to the inspection last week.” – Daily Telegraph

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