Johnson wants to assemble ‘team of stars’ in his Cabinet

“Boris Johnson today sets out his stall to be prime minister, pledging to deliver Brexit by “retaining” the £39bn demanded by Brussels until he gets a better deal and saying only he can save the country from Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage. In the first interview of his campaign, the leadership frontrunner said he would combine a tough line on Brexit with a full-throated return to One Nation Tory policies at home. Johnson vowed to run the country as he ran London when he was mayor with a “team of stars” in his cabinet and Downing Street enacting policies for “the least well off”… A survey of grassroots opinion by the ConservativeHome website last night had Johnson on 43%, with Gove second on just 12%.” – Sunday Times

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Hunt vows to be Brexit ‘deal-maker’

“Jeremy Hunt has vowed to make “Britain walk tall in the world again” by seizing the opportunity offered by Brexit. In his first major interview since the Tory leadership election was officially launched, the Foreign Secretary has positioned himself as “the deal maker” who can deliver Brexit. Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Express, he insisted that he would keep no deal on the table and push for it “with a heavy heart” if the European Union refuses to negotiate. But he said he is confident that Brussels is ready to sort out the controversial Northern Ireland backstop and open the way for a deal.” – Sunday Express

  • Foreign Secretary targets young with student loan interest rate cut… – Sunday Times
  • …and pledge of 1.5 million homes – Sun on Sunday

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Raab still says prorogation ‘should not be ruled out’

“The Tory leadership contender Dominic Raab has said the possibility of sidelining parliament to force through Brexit should not be ruled out, as to do so would weaken the UK’s negotiating position in Brussels. “I think it’s wrong to rule out any tool to make sure that we leave by the end of October,” Raab told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, as the Conservative party reels from its disastrous results in the European election, in which Eurosceptic voters flocked to the Brexit party. “The exam question in this contest is: who can be trusted to lead us out by the end of October and end this paralysing uncertainty,” he said. Critics of the approach have warned that prorogation would involve the Queen in a constitutional crisis, because formally it is the monarch who ends a session of parliament.” – The Observer

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McVey plans public-sector pay boost for millions

“Four million public sector workers will get a pay rise if Esther McVey wins the Tory leadership race. Nurses, firefighters, midwives, teachers and cops will all get a guaranteed annual increase at least in line with inflation. They will also get a half-share of any efficiency savings made in schools, hospitals and other frontline services. The former Work and Pensions Secretary wants to reward key workers after years of government-enforced wage restraint… Ms McVey says her Public Sector Pay Guarantee will boost the pay packets of eight of ten people working in state-run services. It would ensure that wages rise at least in line with inflation or the recommendation of the relevant pay review body – whichever is higher – for everybody earning under £50,000.” – Sun on Sunday

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Gove pledges to scrap VAT in ‘radical manifesto’…

“Michael Gove has pledged to replace VAT with a “lower, simpler” alternative and cut business rates if he is elected Conservative leader. Unveiling a radical economic manifesto in The Telegraph, the Environment Secretary pledges to take advantage of Brexit to scrap the 20 per cent tax currently levied on goods and services as a result of EU rules, in a move that could cut the cost of living. Sources also indicated that he would halt construction of the £56  billion High Speed 2 rail line in order to review whether it represented “proper value for money”, amid concerns about its spiralling costs. His intervention, which comes ahead of Monday’s formal deadline for the nomination of candidates to succeed Theresa May, is likely to be seen as a dramatic attempt by Mr Gove to shift focus back to his policy plans after a new book revealed that he had taken cocaine in his 30s.” – Sunday Telegraph

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  • A lower, simpler sales tax will help Britain prosper – Michael Gove, Sunday Telegraph

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…as he risks US travel ban for cocaine admission

“Michael Gove risks a ban on travelling to America after admitting he took cocaine on “several occasions”. The admission puts the Tory leadership hopeful in breach of visa rules, which ask applicants whether they “ever violated any law related to possessing, using or distributing illegal drugs”. This weekend, FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency officials confirmed that US authorities could use Gove’s admission to stop him travelling to America. Nigella Lawson, the celebrity chef, was reportedly denied entry in 2014 after she had confessed during a court case to having taken cocaine.” Gove, 51, whose last publicised visit to America was to interview President Donald Trump ahead of his inauguration in January 2017, could face the same problem.” – Sunday Times

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  • Adviser who works for Raab accused of leaking details to biographer – Mail on Sunday



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Javid wins key endorsement from Davidson

“Sajid Javid’s bid to be the next Prime Minister has been given a major boost after Ruth Davidson declared him ‘the man for the job’ and ‘the real deal’. The powerful leader of the Scottish Conservatives is the most high-profile politician to endorse any candidate yet and her backing will be a shot in the arm for the Home Secretary’s leadership ambitions. Last night, Mr Javid told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Ruth knows a winner when she sees one.’… Ms Davidson said she backed Mr Javid as he had ‘worked his way to a better life for himself and his family before walking away from a lucrative career in order to give back in public service to the country he loves and which offered his immigrant parents a home. His life embodies the Conservative values of aspiration, education, opportunity, hard work and just reward.’” – Sun on Sunday

  • Howard warns that May’s successor could be last-ever Conservative Prime Minister – Sunday Express

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…as he says Tories have ‘gone backwards’ with minority voters

“The Conservatives have gone “backwards” with ethnic minority voters, many of whom “simply don’t trust our motivations”, Said Javid has said. The Home Secretary warned of an “electoral divide” between the Tories and ethnic minorities and called for the party to “reaffirm our identity and values”. Writing in a new book, Mr Javid, who is one of two non-white MPs vying to succeed Theresa May, states that the Conservatives could now be enjoying a parliamentary majority had they managed to maintain even the “unacceptably low” the vote share David Cameron gained among black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) voters in 2015. He says that more housing is key to giving voters a “stake in society” and suggests the Government must take a “more proactive” approach to helping communities to integrate with each other.” – Sunday Telegraph

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Hancock says party ‘risks defeat’ by moving right

“The Conservative party will not win the next general election if it responds to the rise of Nigel Farage’s Brexit party by shifting dramatically to the right, leadership contender Matt Hancock warned on Sunday. In an interview with the Observer, the 40-year-old health secretary says the way to defeat Jeremy Corbyn and Farage is to deliver Brexit with a deal, then dominate the centre ground by focusing on improving public services and delivering prosperity for all, including by increasing the living wage to more than £10 an hour by 2022. His call reflects mounting anxiety among moderate Tories that their party will react to Farage’s success in the European elections and its near miss in last Thursday’s Peterborough by-election when it narrowly failed to win its first seat in parliament, by electing a new leader committed to leaving the EU with no deal and a rightwing agenda of tax cuts.” – The Observer

  • As May exits stage left, her Party dances ever rightwards – Nick Cohen, The Observer

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Gauke faces no-confidence vote

“Remain-backing Justice Secretary David Gauke is facing a no-confidence vote over his “wilful obstruction” of delivering the 2016 Brexit vote. The Remainer is under fire from his branch of local Tories. Despite backing Theresa May’s Brexit deal three times, he has called for a customs union with the EU and helped to take No Deal off the table. A vote by members this month will take place on whether Mr Gauke has stuck to his “commitments” made at the 2017 general election. His response to the letter sent by his agent Jeremy Page in the South West Hertfordshire constituency was with a ‘face palm emoji’ on Twitter.” – Sun on Sunday

  • Grieve asked by local party to apply for re-adoption – The Observer

Tory defectors in talks with the Liberal Democrats

“The former Change UK leader Heidi Allen and co-founder Sarah Wollaston have been in secret talks about joining the Liberal Democrats, according to party insiders. Change UK was formed by MPs who rejected the main parties’ stance on Brexit and other issues and defected from Labour and the Conservatives in February. Allen had been the party’s interim leader but she left on Tuesday, along with Wollaston, Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Gavin Shuker and Angela Smith. Since quitting the party, it is understood that Allen and Wollaston have held informal talks about joining the Lib Dems.” – Sunday Times

  • Davey ‘rules out Remain alliance’ if he wins the leadership – The Observer

Corbyn insists new MP is ‘not racist’…

“Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour’s new MP, Lisa Forbes, is “not a racist in any way” as he dismissed calls for her to be suspended. The Peterborough MP, who won a by-election on Thursday, faced controversy over a Facebook post she “liked” that said Theresa May had a “Zionist slave masters agenda”. In response to a separate post claiming that Mossad and the CIA were responsible for the Isis terrorist group, Forbes wrote: “I have enjoyed reading this thread so much.” She subsequently apologised for “not calling out these posts” and promised to challenge anti-semitism in future. The Jewish Labour Movement called for her to have the whip suspended, while two senior Labour MPs, Dame Louise Ellman and Dame Margaret Hodge, lodged official complaints with the party.” – Sunday Times

  • Victory marred by claim that ‘convicted vote-rigger’ was at centre of campaign – Mail on Sunday

…as another is reported for backing anti-LGBT parents

“A Labour MP has been reported for telling primary school parents protesting against gay equality lessons: “You’re right.” Roger Godsiff said they had a “just cause” and rapped the headteacher. Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner has reported the “discriminatory and irresponsible” comments to Labour chief whip Nick Brown. The LGBT Labour group called for Birmingham Hall Green veteran MP Mr Godsiff to lose the Labour whip. Weeks of protests at Anderton Park Primary in the city led the council to get a High Court injunction banning demos. Demonstrators claim the teaching is “over- emphasising a gay ethos”. In a video, Mr Godsiff says: “I believe in telling it as I see it.”” – Sun on Sunday

  • Bullying claims handled ‘off the books’ – Sunday Times
  • Comedian abandons support for Corbyn over internet trolls – Mail on Sunday

Labour leadership plotting against Shadow Cabinet remainers

“Jeremy Corbyn and his inner circle are considering a frontbench reshuffle that could see the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, moved as a punishment for insisting that the party must back a second Brexit referendum, according to several senior figures in the party. There is also growing support from some of Corbyn’s allies, including union leaders close to the leader’s office, for a new contest to be held that could see Tom Watson replaced as deputy leader, following his persistent backing for a public vote on the UK’s exit from the EU. Sources inside Corbyn’s office said last night that there were “all sorts of mischievous rumours” being put about, but did not confirm – or rule out – imminent changes to the party’s top team. “They are very angry with Emily and are out to get Tom,” said one shadow cabinet source.” – The Observer