US 1) Trump touches down for state visit

“Donald Trump is about to land in London for his long-awaited state visit, having weighed in on Brexit, his security concerns over Huawei, and taking time to hit back at London Mayor Sadiq Khan for calling him a ‘21st century fascist’. The US President is in the UK for three days where the Queen will throw a state banquet at Buckingham Palace in his honour tonight after he meets Prince Charles for tea. Mr Trump departed from Joint Base Andrews near Washington DC aboard Air Force One last night and will land at Stansted at 9am before heading to the US Ambassador’s residence in Regent’s Park – Winfield House – his base for the next three days.” – Daily Mail

  • May hails ‘special relationship’ as Trump knocks Brexit talks – FT
  • Hunt says he would not block Assange’s extradition – Daily Mail

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US 2) Tories hint at climbdown over Huawei

Jeremy Hunt has insisted Britain would “never” harm trans-Atlantic intelligence-sharing ahead of an expected Government climbdown over Huawei to avoid a clash with Donald Trump. Flying aboard Air Force One, the US president and First Lady Melania Trump took off from an air base near Washington DC on Sunday evening local time and are due to land at Stansted Airport on Monday morning. The US President will then arrive at Buckingham Palace for a three-day State visit after his ambassador to London warned of the consequences of opening the UK’s 5G infrastructure to the Chinese telecoms giant.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Leadership contenders side with Washington on security… – The Times
  • …as May faces humiliation over Chinese firm – Daily Mail


  • Trump could end intelligence sharing if Corbyn enters No 10 – The Sun
  • Opposition are ‘risking special relationship’ – Daily Mail


US 3) Health Secretary says NHS would not be ‘on the table’ in US trade deal

“Matt Hancock, the health secretary, has insisted that “the NHS is not for sale” after the US ambassador said he expected it would be part of a post-Brexit trade deal between the two countries. Woody Johnson said that he expected the “entire economy”, including the health service, would be part of a future deal. Mr Hancock, who is standing for the Conservative Party leadership, was quick to rebuff the suggestion. “Yes we’d love to make it cheaper to buy your life-saving pharmaceuticals, but the NHS will not be on the table in any future trade talks,” he tweeted.” – The Times

  • Ambassador vows ‘quickest trade deal ever’ – The Sun


  • Hancock vows to lift immigration restrictions on medics – The Guardian

Gove warned that Brexit delay would let Corbyn in

“Michael Gove was accused yesterday by rivals in the Tory leadership contest of opening the door of No 10 to Jeremy Corbyn by saying that he would delay Brexit. Other candidates vying to succeed Theresa May, including Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, have said that Britain must leave the EU by October 31, whether or not there is an agreement with Brussels. Mr Gove is understood, however, to be considering a further extension of the Brexit process. It is thought that he believes a no-deal exit before Britain is properly prepared would be problematic, and will set out his thinking in the days ahead.” – The Times

  • Environment Secretary edges ahead of Johnson, poll suggests – Daily Express


  • Javid becomes latest contender not to rule out an extension – The Sun
  • Hancock claims European leaders back his plans – The Times
  • Industry warns that talk of no-deal exit costs jobs – FT
  • Hannan warns that delay could see Tories annihilated – Daily Express
  • DUP pressure contenders for backstop alternative – FT

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Policy: Javid sets out plan to boost police numbers

“Sajid Javid admitted yesterday that he had changed his mind on the link between police numbers and crime and pledged to put up to 20,000 more bobbies on the beat. Last year, the Home Secretary and Tory leadership candidate claimed in a TV interview there was no connection between the rise in crime and a fall in police numbers. But yesterday he said: ‘What I’ve realised is that you do need many more police resources.’ In an interview with the BBC, Mr Javid also revealed he would scrap Theresa May’s immigration target, set up a £100 billion infrastructure fund to boost areas outside London, and consider scrapping the top rate of income tax.” – Daily Mail

  • He also plans to slash taxes – The Sun


  • Another 20,000 officers won’t save our justice system – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail

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…as Johnson pledges to ‘level up’ education spending…

Boris Johnson plans to spend at least £5,000 on every secondary school pupil in a pledge to “level up” Britain’s education system, in his first domestic policy proposal. The leadership contender said he wants to reverse cuts to schools and correct the “yawning funding gap” between pupils in London and the rest of the country. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson said there was now a “growing gulf” between the South East and other regions “in GDP, and even in some cases in ambition”. “It is simply not sustainable that funding per pupil should be £6,800 in parts of London and £4,200 in some other parts of the country,” he said.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Gove, Johnson, and Stewart unveil high-profile endorsements – FT
  • Inside the secret battle for donors – Daily Telegraph


  • We must address our country’s shocking educational disparities – Boris Johnson MP, Daily Telegraph

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…as does Gove…

“Michael Gove will … pledge a £1 billion increase to the schools budget as the former Education Secretary attempts to unpick his unpopularity among teachers. The Tory leadership hopeful has vowed to restore the amount of money spent per pupil to 2015 levels in real terms, following a three-year slump. Following the education reforms he brought in between 2010 and 2014, Mr Gove has been deeply unpopular within the sector and among parents, and was demoted amid fears his reputation could cost the Tories at the ballot box. But his latest policy has earned him the endorsement of fellow former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, who says Mr Gove is ‘ready to lead the nation’.” – Daily Mail

  • Campaign accused of spying on Johnson – The Sun

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…whilst Stewart unveils housebuilding vision

“The Tories need to build two million new homes in five years in a state led blitz to compare with 1950 new towns, a shock leadership contender declares today. Rory Stewart vows that if he made it to PM he would lead a £100billion housing revolution to end one of the “hundreds of injustices” facing voters. It would essentially be led by the public sector with the building contracted out and financed through bonds raised against the homes. The Cabinet Minister insists the Tories have to create a new generation of new towns and ‘lineal cities” along the Thames to match the Milton Keynes, Basildon and Corby 60-70 years ago.” – The Sun

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Brokenshire calls for young people to have early access to pension funds

“Young people should be allowed to dip into their pension pots to fund the deposit for their first home, the Housing Secretary will say on Monday. James Brokenshire will propose changing the rules on pensions to “empower”  first time buyers trying to get on the property ladder. Last night a former pensions minister said this would push up house prices and “ruin” retirement for young people, forcing them to work in their “seventies and beyond”. Mr Brokenshire will call on the next Prime Minister to reform pensions to allow young people to “make the choice for themselves” if they want to spend them on property instead.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Plans to reform student finance would reverse social mobility – Justine Greening MP, FT

Gyimah becomes 13th leadership hopeful

“Sam Gyimah has become the 13th Conservative MP to join the race to replace Theresa May, opening with a pledge to hold another referendum on Brexit. The former universities minister is the only candidate in the contest to do so, but he said that if he became prime minister he would not campaign for either side. He himself would vote Remain, he added. His stance will prove unpopular with most Conservative members, who will ultimately decide Britain’s next prime minister. Rank-and-file Tories are overwhelmingly pro-Brexit, opinion polls show… Announcing his decision to stand, he condemned those candidates who are promising a no-deal Brexit: the pledges were unrealistic because they would be blocked by parliament, he suggested.” – The Times


  • Contenders being warned to avoid TV debates – Daily Telegraph
  • What candidates must do to keep their ambitions alive – The Times


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Charles Moore: Of all the candidates, which are truly Tory?

“The electorate for the Conservative leadership contest is 100 per cent (at least in theory) composed of people who would answer to the name of Tory. But which of them really are? Admittedly, argument has always raged about what a Tory is. Whole books have been written about it; but it is generally agreed that you can be a Conservative supporter without being a Tory, and a Tory without being a Conservative supporter. There will never be absolute agreement on a definition, because it is not in the nature of Toryism to be definitive… Of course there is no law that says the Conservatives have to be led by a Tory.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Next leader must not neglect our industrial strategy – David Willetts, Times Red Box
  • Lessons in top office politics from the race – Pilita Clark, FT
  • Tories have drunk the no-deal Kool Aid – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian


  • Javid can fuse ‘white van Conservatism’ with metropolitan values – Rob Halfon MP, Daily Telegraph
  • Only Johnson can beat Farage in an election – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

Jewish groups demand Labour disown Peterborough candidate

“Jewish groups have demanded that Labour disown its candidate in the Peterborough by-election after she had endorsed an antisemitic Facebook post. Lisa Forbes apologised “wholeheartedly” for liking a social media post that claimed Theresa May had a “Zionist Slave Masters agenda”. Ms Forbes said that the post included a video of children praying after the attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand and it was that that she was endorsing and not the views in the accompanying text. She had also commented under an older thread which claimed that Islamic State was created and funded by the CIA and Mossad. She said: “I have enjoyed reading this thread so much.”” – The Times

  • By-election could return first Brexit Party MP – The Guardian

News in Brief:

  • Being Tory leader is like being emperor in the last days of Rome – Allan Massie, Reaction
  • WTO terms are far better than leaving with a fatally flawed deal – Dominic Raab MP, Brexit Central
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