Brexit Party fails to unseat Labour in Peterborough

“Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has failed in its first attempt to enter parliament, as Labour held on to its seat in the Peterborough by-election with a slim majority. Lisa Forbes retained the seat for Labour, beating Mr Farage’s candidate Mike Greene by 683 votes – a marginal increase on its 607 majority in the 2017 general election. Paul Bristow for the Conservatives came third. The result represents a setback for Mr Farage’s party, which won 29 seats in last month’s European elections without a manifesto and one stated policy of leaving Europe as soon as possible, deal or no deal.” – The Times

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Chancellor resists plan for May’s £10 billion ‘parting gift’

“Theresa May is locked in a row with chancellor Philip Hammond over her plans to leave office with a series of big spending announcements, including a multibillion programme to overhaul England’s schools and colleges. Mrs May, who steps down as Conservative leader on Friday, wants to use her remaining weeks as caretaker prime minister to deliver parts of her domestic agenda that were crushed by the pressures of Brexit. But the Treasury fears Mrs May’s promises could cost more than £10bn and would cut across Mr Hammond’s determination not to spend the fiscal “war chest” he has built up until a no-deal Brexit is taken off the table.” – FT

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Threat of no-confidence vote in new leader sparks ‘intense talks’ with DUP

” The next prime minister is facing the prospect of a no-confidence vote before the summer break after the Labour party said it was “vital” that MPs had the opportunity to test the stability of the government led by the new Conservative leader. The possibility of an immediate challenge has sparked intense talks between Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party, which props up the minority Conservative government, and the campaign team of Boris Johnson, Tory leadership favourite. Mr Johnson is the frontrunner in the race to succeed Theresa May after she steps down as party leader on Friday having failed three times to push her Brexit deal through the House of Commons.” – FT

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Javid claims to be the candidate to ‘heal divisions’

“Sajid Javid has warned in a thinly veiled attack on Boris Johnson that the wrong Tory leader would deepen social division to win a general election. The home secretary, who is pitching himself as the leadership candidate who best reflects modern Britain and is most able to unite it, said yesterday that increasing hate crime was making society more divided. At an event organised by the think tank British Future, he called on fellow candidates not to stoke such divisions. The remarks are being seen as aimed at candidates such as Mr Johnson with an uncompromising approach towards Brexit. “You don’t beat the Brexit Party by becoming the Brexit Party,” Mr Javid told the event.” – The Times

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Sajid Javid: I’ll equip Britain to make the most of technological change

“This weekend I will lay out a long-term plan for the UK’s education and further education system that will prepare the next generation not just to survive in a world with new technologies and new jobs, but to thrive in it. I will ensure that the funding is there to equip our schools for the future. If I were to become prime minister I would make sure the Department for Education worked closely with schools to deliver teacher training that focuses on developing the adaptability of their pupils. The hard skills are crucial, but soft skills – critical thinking, creativity – will unlock the door to success in the future. That is only the start of it. The Conservatives must be the party of social mobility.” – FT

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Raab accused of ‘dragging Queen into politics’ with prorogation row

“Dominic Raab was last night accused of dragging the Queen into the Brexit row by threatening to suspend Parliament to force a No Deal. The Brexiteer refused to rule out using the nuclear option of dissolving the Commons to ensure Britain leaves the EU on October 31. Mr Raab suggested he may prorogue Parliament so pro-Remain MPs can’t pass a law delaying or cancelling Brexit. That would involve going to the Queen to do so, possibly dragging her into the political mess. The incendiary move came in a second Tory leadership hustings in Westminster. Home Secretary Sajid Javid branded the idea “complete nonsense”.” – The Sun

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Hancock wants to ‘level playing field’ for high street with new tax

“Matt Hancock has vowed to “level the playing field” for high streets by scrapping business rates for small retailers while hitting tech giants with the new Amazon tax. The Health Secretary has announced the £1.5 billion-a-year pledge, which would exempt hundreds of thousands of businesses from the levy, as part of his leadership campaign. In an interview with the Telegraph Mr Hancock said business rates are a “twentieth century tax” which needs a “21st century replacement” – and makes the system unfairly skewed against bricks and mortar businesses. The energetic minister wants to change that and “save the high street”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Grandees impose tough security measures to prevent ballot-stuffing – The Sun

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Badenoch resigns vice-chairmanship to back Gove

“Rising star Kemi Badenoch has revealed she is resigning as a Tory vice chair to back Michael Gove’s leadership bid – and slams his “simple” Brexiteer rivals. In a coup for the Environment Secretary, the 39 year-old Brexiteer MP’s endorsement was prized and sought hard by other leading contenders. Ms Badenoch was in charge of selecting new candidates for the party. But she is giving up her job to join Mr Gove’s campaign team, as all party officials must be neutral. Writing for The Sun, Ms Badenoch argues Mr Gove will deliver Brexit with his pragmatic approach rather than “just believing in Brexit”.” – The Sun

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Governnment will integrate HS2 into ‘Northern Powerhouse Rail’

“HS2 trains will be able to run across northern England under plans for a fully integrated high-speed network. The government said yesterday that HS2, the new north-south line, would connect into a proposed east-west route across the Pennines, enabling trains to run directly between more cities. It represents official confirmation that HS2 will be integrated with “Northern Powerhouse Rail” — the line proposed to link cities including Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle and Hull. Ministers will consult on 11 changes to the plans.” – The Times

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Former SNP MP jailed for embezzlement

“Disgraced ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry has been caged for 18 months after embezzling more than £25,000 from pro-Scottish independence groups. The 37-year-old spent the cash on rent, a Spain holiday and other lifestyle spending, a court heard. She faced three charges of embezzlement and a charge that she refused to give cops the passcode to a mobile phone they had seized. She pleaded guilty to two charges of embezzlement then attempted to withdraw her guilty plea later – but that was refused by Sheriff Paul Crozier.” – The Sun

Corbyn ally intervened in antisemitism case

One of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies used an external email address to intervene in a Labour anti-Semitism case. Andrew Murray, who has been seconded to the Labour leader’s office from the Unite union, used his external email to advise against suspending a party member. According to the Jewish Chronicle he sent the message to a group including his daughter, Laura – now Labour’s head of compliance – Karie Murphy, Mr Corbyn’s chief of staff, and Seumas Milne, communications director. He told officials not to suspend a Labour member who denied a notorious mural depicting Jewish bankers was anti-Semitic.” – Daily Telegraph

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