MPs warn May they’ll rebel against Corbyn deal…

“Theresa May was warned yesterday that more than 100 of her MPs would try to block a softer Brexit as Labour prepared to reject her offer of a temporary customs arrangement to seek further concessions. Cross-party talks between the Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn’s party, aimed at breaking the deadlock in parliament over the prime minister’s deal, are due to resume tomorrow. In what would be the first formal offer from the government to the opposition, the Tories are expected to propose a temporary customs deal. Ministers claim this would give Britain the benefits of being in the customs union while allowing some trade agreements to be negotiated but not signed.” – The Times

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…as record number of Tories want her to step down

“A record 82 per cent of Tories now want Theresa May to quit, according to the latest poll of party members. The survey – the first to be conducted by the ConservativeHome website since the Tories suffered their worst local elections performance in 24 years last week – will increase pressure on Mrs May to set a date for her departure. The proportion of Tory members calling for the PM to quit is up 3 per cent in a fortnight ago – and 11 points higher than a month ago. Tory MPs will again try to change the rules to oust Mrs May on Wednesday… The PM is due for a crunch meeting with Tory kingmaker Sir Graham Brady on Tuesday, when he will demand she set out a departure date.” – The Sun

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Bernard Jenkin: Anti-Brexit alliance would be a disaster for the country

Labour’s John McDonnell should be wary about a potential Brexit deal with the prime minister. Labour could seize the chance to nail down a Brexit which meets their key demands, exploiting the Government’s new weakness, as it appears ready to compromise anything and everything just to get Brexit “over the line”. However, while Labour will want to string out the talks, they will not want to join what Mr Farage has already branded “a coalition against the people” to help Mrs May’s deal through. Both the main parties are paying the price for failing to deliver Brexit… Thursday was a much more significant event for the Conservative Party than expected. It is now unarguable that the Conservative Party must take the UK out of the European Union in order to survive as a viable political force.” – Daily Telegraph

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Williamson hits back over alleged comments

“Gavin Williamson says he is the victim of a smear campaign led by Theresa May after he was accused of spreading false allegations that her health was failing. Reports emerged yesterday that he had suggested the prime minister’s diabetes meant she was unfit to serve. It is understood that a Tory official reported him to Downing Street after allegedly overhearing him making the remarks during a private dinner in Mayfair before Christmas… The former defence secretary also raised concerns that National Security Council (NSC) documents about options for troop deployments to Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt appeared to have been leaked to The Sunday Times.” – The Times

  • He’s urged to force May to hold judge-led enquiry – Daily Telegraph
  • Prime Minister told to ‘stand up for her officials’ over Huawei – The Times


  • We’re still paying the price for the expenses scandal – Clare Foges, The Times

Gove urges businesses to help address ‘scandal’ of food waste

“Michael Gove has urged chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers to help the Government end the “moral, economic, and environmental scandal” of throwing away food. The Environment Secretary will host a summit next week when he will call on 300 organisations and prominent individuals to pledge to significantly reduce their food waste. The pledge includes a commitment to checking the fridge before going shopping and always using a shopping list to better plan meals. Every year approximately 100,000 tonnes of “perfectly edible” food – roughly 250 million meals – is thrown away and Mr Gove is urging immediate action to address the situation.” – Daily Telegraph

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Davidson rejects break-up of the Tory Party

“The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has rejected a claim that her party’s survival depends on breaking away from the pro-Brexit Tories in England and Wales. Ruth Davidson was responding to Peter Duncan, a former Scottish party chairman, who claimed that if Boris Johnson were to become leader of the UK party, it would “open a chasm of epic proportions” with colleagues in Scotland, threatening to destroy the party north of the border. Ms Davidson made clear that a breakaway was an idea she had never supported, and “I wouldn’t support [it] in the future.”… Mr Duncan argued that big decisions about the Scottish party structure would have to be taken quickly should Mr Johnson become UK leader.” – The Times

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  • Triumph is within the Tories’ grasp – Boris Johnson MP, Daily Telegraph

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Farage challenges Corbyn to EU election debate

Nigel Farage has challenged Jeremy Corbyn to a debate before the European elections as he said he wanted to “dig in” to Labour voters who felt let down by the party’s “confusing” Brexit stance. The leader of The Brexit Party said he would be targeting Leave-voting Labour heartlands in the run up to May 23 and that if his strategy was successful “we can surprise even ourselves how well we do”. Meanwhile, Mr Farage warned Theresa May against striking a softer Brexit compromise deal with Mr Corbyn as he said it would represent a “final betrayal” for Leave voters.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Brexit Party already two-thirds the size of the Tories… – The Sun
  • …and has raised £2 million in a month – Daily Mail

Warning over Labour’s water nationalisation plans

“Jeremy Corbyn’s leftie plans to renationalise the water industry could slash the pensions of Brits and force the country to borrow billions, John McDonnell has admitted. Leaked Labour documents reveal their radical ideas could wipe billions from the companies’ value, the Sunday Times reported. It could be sold for up to £20billion less than the market price, it was claimed in a briefing. That would mean anyone whose invested in pensions funds or shareholder schemes would lose up to half their value. Mr Corbyn wants to take the water, power and electricity firms back into public ownership if he ever got to No10, which would cost the country billions of pounds in an attempt to cut bills.” – The Sun

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