Government scraps summer of No Deal announcements

“Downing Street sources confirmed last night that a series of papers advising businesses, homeowners, farmers, hauliers and holidaymakers how to prepare are now likely to be published on the same day in late August, rather than dripped out over a period of six weeks. The change of plan highlights the seething rivalries and, at times, troubling details of Brexit preparation. The no-deal publication plan was originally designed to placate Brexiteers, who were keen to show Brussels the UK was ready to walk away. But this weekend they accused civil servants of plotting a new “Project Fear” campaign which threatened to turn MPs and voters against Brexit altogether.” – Sunday Times
Efforts to plan have only been stepped up since Chequers, Baker’s plans to do more were frustrated by the Treasury – Sunday Times

  • Army on standby over No Deal planning – Sunday Times
  • Supermarkets mull contingency planning – Sunday Times
  • Policy Exchange says rail and ferry routes into Britain are a security weak link – Sunday Telegraph
  • We need a national ID card system – David Goodhart, Sunday Telegraph
  • Call the EU’s bluff, prepare for No Deal – Daniel Hannan, Sunday Telegraph

Salvini to May: get tough and prepare to walk away

“The far-right interior minister, a former MEP and considered Italy’s most powerful politician, says May should be prepared to walk away without a deal: “Because on some principles there is no need to be flexible and you should not go backwards.” He also accuses the EU of trying to punish the UK for voting to leave the bloc: “There is no objectivity or good faith from the European side.” The leader of the anti-immigrant League party made an extraordinary intervention as May dispatched members of her cabinet across Europe to sell her Chequers deal.” – Sunday Times

  • Salvini interview in full – Sunday Time
  • Austrian Chancellor “boosts Prime Minister’s Brexit hopes” – Sun on Sunday
  • Downing Street snubs Davis’ “emergency parachute” plan – Sun on Sunday
  • Tory MPs ponder Norway option – Sunday Times
  • “Richard Kellaway, the chairman of Mrs May’s Maidenhead Conservative association, said: “If [Chequers] were to be diluted it would ultimately not be acceptable” – Sunday Telegraph
  • Hammond’s friends claim Johnson agreed joint pro-Chequers article, Johnson’s friends deny it – Mail on Sunday
  • Former Foreign Secretary still eyes Number Ten – Adam Hellinker, Sunday Express
  • Osborne steps up attack on May, says there is no prospect of stopping Brexit – Sunday Times
  • Howe says Prime Minister’s plan will leave the EU in charge – Sun on Sunday
  • May begins week-long walking holiday in Italy – Mail on Sunday

Rudd: The threat of climate change and of a No Deal Brexit

“Above all, it means taking a long-term approach. We must stop seeing Brexit as a simple, one-off event — just as Paris was only one important step towards cutting global emissions. Instead, we must realise Brexit is a process. Yes, we will leave the EU’s political institutions in March next year — we will no longer have MEPs or be members of the European Council. But disentangling regulatory and legal systems that have been entwined for more than 40 years will require delicate diplomacy. Such an endeavour will not be straightforward. Anyone who claims it will is being as cavalier with people’s future as those who deny that the belching of fossil fuels into the atmosphere is warming the planet.” – Sunday Times

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Chloe Smith: we will modernise and reform electoral law

“Online political adverts must make clear who has paid for them under a Government crackdown on fake news and social media abuse. Parties who fail to declare their links to digital campaigns – even comments on Twitter – could be hit with huge fines under the plans, announced in the wake of a highly critical report by MPs into the ‘crisis in our democracy’. In further moves by Downing Street to tame the lawless world of politics on the internet, ‘trolls’ who threaten candidates will be banned from standing for public office.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Jo Cox murder aftermath Vote Leave controversy – Observer
  • Culture Select Committee report claims Banks gave £8.4 million to the Leave campaign and that the money may have come from Russia – Mail on Sunday
  • The report: main recommendations – Observer
  • Implications for tech firms of new status between platform and publisher – Observer
  • Miller calls for second referendum off back of report – Sunday Times
  • All hail, Damian Collins, all hail – Carole Cadwalladr, Observer
  • I’m a former Remainer, and campaigned to stay, but it’s difficult to see how the Electoral Commission’s claims add up to much – Greg Hands, Sunday Telegraph

Williamson v Hammond latest

“In a letter to 10 Downing Street, the Defence Secretary warned that Mrs May and Mr Hammond had taken the “wrong decision” by failing to honour in full a recommended 2.9 per cent pay rise for military personnel, of which Mr Williamson had been “strongly in favour”. The Telegraph understands that Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, has expressed similar concerns about the 2 per cent pay rise announced for police officers last week, having lobbied for a total increase of three per cent, in line with recommendations which have been made by the police pay review body.” – Sunday Telegraph

Transport 1) Norman announces Blue Badge extension

“Transport Minister Jesse Norman said: “Blue badges are a lifeline for disabled people, giving them the freedom and confidence to get to work and visit friends independently. The changes we are announcing will ensure that this scheme is extended equally to people with hidden disabilities so that they can enjoy the freedoms that many of us take for granted.” About 2.4million disabled people in England have a Blue Badge but councils interpret the rules on non-physical disabilities differently. The changes – which will be announced today following an eight-week consultation — will give “clear and consistent” guidelines and stop a potential boom of bogus claims for badges.” – Sun on Sunday

Transport 2) Rail passengers refused help by staff will get compensation, says Ghani

Transport minister Nusrat Ghani said: “We will also hold train operators and franchises to account if they don’t take the Passenger Assist scheme seriously – any operators who fail to provide the assistance booked by passengers will have to give them financial compensation. This new strategy goes beyond rail and service stations. It looks at all modes of travel, including buses, taxis and air travel. “And it is a major step in achieving a genuinely inclusive transport network which meets everyone’s needs.” – Sun on Sunday

Purge of pro-Jewish Labour MPs latest. Austin is threatened with disciplinary action.

“Mr Austin, whose grandmother was murdered in the Holocaust, told Corbyn crony Mr Lavery that Labour’s failure to tackle anti-Semitism was a ‘bloody disgrace’ and that the party had become ‘a sewer’. Mr Lavery angrily denied the claims. Mr Austin, whose grandmother was murdered in the Holocaust, told Corbyn crony Mr Lavery that Labour’s failure to tackle anti-Semitism was a ‘bloody disgrace’ and that the party had become ‘a sewer’. Mr Lavery angrily denied the claims.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Labour investigating more than 250 complaints – Sunday Times
  • Party accused of organising smear training for candidates – Sunday Times
  • Posh Labour out of touch with working class – Sun on Sunday
  • Finally, the moderates have had enough – Dan Hodges, Mail on Sunday
  • Anti-racists must back Sarah Champion – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Mail on Sunday
  • Javid’s crackdown on Pakistani-origin sex gangs – Camilla Cavendish, Sunday Times
  • Field hits out after no confidence vote – Sun on Sunday
  • Prime Minister Corbyn would be a threat to Jewish lives – Sunday Express Editorial

A solution to the LibDems’ problems? Give up being led by an MP

“Sir Vince Cable, the party’s current leader, is considering bringing forward a motion at the annual conference at Brighton in September to amend or scrap an obscure part of the party’s constitution which states that only an MP can take the helm. He is keen to learn from the Canadian Liberals who went from near extinction to the party of government under the leadership of Justin Trudeau. Trudeau became leader after a concerted effort to open up the Liberal Party to a wider support base through open primaries for the national leadership and MPs. “The idea is to breathe new life into the party and create a bit of excitement,” a Lib Dem party insider said.” – Sunday Times

News in Brief

  • Give Britain’s young homebuyers state loans for deposits, urges Natalie Elphicke report – Observer
  • Lord Inge “acted as paid adviser to King of Bahrain during the Arab Spring” – Sunday Telegraph
  • Lord Bew, the chairman of the committee in standards in public life, said his panel was “concerned” that the names of MPs being investigated over alleged breaches of Commons rules will no longer be made public – Sunday Telegraph
  • Hunt pledges to help father of a murdered British businessman in a custody battle for his grandchildren who are living in China – Mail on Sunday
  • Will interest rates rise next Thursday? – Mail on Sunday
  • Leadsom: switch off the TV and cuddle your baby – Sunday Times

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